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Generating Rural Options for Weight (GROW) Healthy Kids & Communities Ignite Presentation(PDF)
Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) Conference
July 2016

SNEB is an international community of professionals actively involved in nutrition education and health promotion. Their work takes place in colleges and universities, government agencies, cooperative extension, communications and public relations firms, the food industry, voluntary and service organizations and with other reliable places of nutrition and health education information.


Determining Environmental Assets in Six Oregon Communities to Explain the Rural Obesogenic Context (PDF)
Annual Semiahmoo Symposium on Environmental, Occupational and Public Health
January 2015

This is a joint meeting of the University of Washington (School of Public Health - Dept of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences & Dept of Health Services); University of British Columbia (School of Population and Public Health); Simon Fraser University (Faculty of Health Sciences); Oregon State University (College of Public Health and Human Sciences); and University of Victoria (Dept of Public Health and Social Policy) and is a great opportunity for cross border conversations and collaborations.

Associations between Family Nutrition and Physical Activity Behaviors and Successful Learning Characteristics in Elementary School Children (PDF)
Oregon Public Health Association (OPHA) Conference
October 2013

Adequate nutrition, physical activity, and healthy weight status are associated with positive health and learning outcomes. Expanding existing knowledge around the connections between how children eat, play, and learn will inform efforts to promote environments that foster healthy child development and academic success.

This presentation examines associations between family nutrition and physical activity environmental and behavioral factors, and characteristics of successful learners in a sample of elementary school students residing in Corvallis, Oregon.  

Preventing Obesity Among Rural Children: Why Changing the Context is Key (PDF)
Oregon Public Health Association (OPHA) Conference
October 2013

This presentation describes the prevalence of overweight and obesity among rural elementary school students. Additionally, this presentation describes the purpose and application of the SNPA (now known as SPAN-ET) and HEAL MAPPS.

Community-Based Approaches to Obesity Prevention (PDF)
H100, Oregon State University
September 2013

This presentation outlines obesity as a public health problem, the factors influencing overweight and obesity among adults/children, the current community-based research efforts to gather practice-based evidence, and an introduction to GROW Healthy Kids & Communities - a multi-level model of obesity prevention.

Generating Rural Options for Weight-Healthy Kids & Communities (PDF)
WISE Conference
July 2013

This presentation outlines the GROW Healthy Kids & Communities study, its targets, aims, and discusses a variety of tools developed and data derived from this programming.

Generating Rural Options for Weight-Healthy Kids & Communities (PDF)
Exercise and Sports Science Seminar (Oregon State University)
May 2013

Growing healthy children, families and communities demands a coordinated effort at multiple levels – from the individual, to families, to communities, to society broadly. Historically we have tended to focus on individual level factors that influence energy balance – including what we eat, what we do, genetics, epigenetics, inflammatory processes, hormonal influences and address our strategies toward individuals – move more, eat differently, initiate hormone therapy. This places the burden entirely upon the individuals without taking into consideration the myriad of factors that may make it particularly hard for any one individual to move more or eat more healthfully – particularly children.