Project team

The project team was assembled to reflect the breadth of scholarship and experience required of our comprehensive, integrated approach, with particular expertise in rural community-engaged research and Extension methods in the promotion of nutrition and physical activity behaviors, gardening and youth development among school-aged children.

We appreciate the support of our many contributors




Principle Researchers

Kathy Gunter Campus 2011-2016
Deborah John Campus 2011-2016



Lena Etuk Campus 2011-2014
Perry Hystad Campus 2014-2016
Gail Langellotto Campus 2011-2016
Melinda Manore Campus 2011-2016


Project Coordinator

Amanda Armington Campus 2013-2016
Kristin Trost Campus 2011-2012


Research Assistants

Sara Caldwell-Kan Campus 2014-2015
Patty Case Klamath County 2011-2016
Erin Devlin Clackamas County  2014-2016
Leah Gramlow Campus 2015-2016
Beret Halverson Clackamas County 2011-2016
John Hicks Campus 2012-2016
Brendan Klein Campus 2012-2014
Allison O'Sullivan Columbia County  2012-2013
Janet Rojina Klamath County 2014-2016
Jenny Rudolph Columbia County  2011-2016
Kelsey Sterrett Clackamas County  2012-2013
Laurie Wayne Klamath County 2012-2014
Tammy Winfield Campus 2014-2016


Graduate Students

Patrick Abi Nader Campus 2013-2016
Araya Assfaw Campus 2014-2015
Alinna Ghavami Campus 2011-2013
Evan Hilberg Campus 2013-2016
Jenny Jackson Campus 2011-2016
Erin Mitchell Campus 2011-2012


Undergraduate Research Awards Program (URAP) Apprentices

Carolyn Booth Campus-Mentor K. Gunter 2014-2015
Claire Chappuis Campus-Mentor D. John 2015
Bridget Jamieson Campus-Mentor D. John 2014
Deanna Kunkle Campus-Mentor D. John 2015
Brooke Mischkot Campus-Mentor D. John 2016
Ann Marie Richards Campus-Mentor D. John 2014
Emily Van Meter Campus-Mentor K. Gunter 2014


Undergraduate Students

Claire Chappuis Campus 2014-2016
Bryan Crocker Campus 2013-2014
Andrew Derringer Campus 2013-2014
Kathleen Finneran Campus 2014-2015
Regina Godoy Campus 2014
Joshua Graves Campus 2011
Mayra Juarez-Hernandez Campus 2014-2015
Amanda Kidwell Campus 2013-2014
Rose Locklear Campus 2013-2014
Cheryl Truong Campus 2011
Brittany Williams Campus 2014-2015


Interns & Mentees

Mackenzie Bangs Clackamas County 2015
Autumn Daley Clackamas County 2013
Shellane Eckhart Clackamas County 2015
Nova Elwood Campus 2014
Clark Lawrence Campus 2012
Danielle McNaughton Campus 2013
Alena Merino Columbia County 2013
Jules Montes Columbia County 2013
Abbie Muniz Campus 2013
Ricky Naverette Campus 2013-2014
Amanda Rhodes Campus 2013
Lisa Robinson Campus 2014
Melissa Snider Clackamas County 2013
Ted Vixay Campus 2015
Hailey Warmbold Clackamas County 2013


Community Champions

Christina Boothe  Columbia County 2014-2015
Nikki Elbert Klamath County  2014-2015
Shilo Wittrock-Laccino Clackamas County 2014-2015

*Sorted alphabetically


Special thanks to

Bob and Charlee Moore Trust
on behalf of the Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children & Families