Exercise Physiology Laboratory

Major Research Issues

  • The effects of exercise on hypertension, lipoprotein levels, glucose tolerance, obesity, and other heart disease risk factors.
  • The effects of exercise and hormone status on bone density.
  • The effects of exercise on the aging process.
  • Nutrition, exercise, and body composition.
  • Body composition and bone mineral density.
  • Physiological determinants of athletic performance.
  • Exercise and endocrine function.
  • Acute and chronic responses to exercise in individuals from special populations.
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation.


  • The Human Performance Laboratory is equipped for metabolic determinations with a Sensormedics 2900 metabolic cart with breath-by-breath and non-invasive cardiac output capabilities, Sensormedics Max-1 electrocardiograph and treadmill system, electronic- and friction-braked cycle ergometers, an arm ergometer, a Yellow Springs lactate analyzer, and blood chemistry analysis capability.
  • The Bone Research Laboratory is equipped with a Hologic QDR-1000/W dual-energy x-ray bone densitometer. The Anthropometry Laboratory is equipped with an underwater weighing tank and oxygen-dilution residual lung volume determination system.