Maria’s story: Desesperada

Maria’s story: Desesperada

Having migrated from Venezuela on a visa lottery, Maria is grateful for the opportunity to receive a college education. The financial burden of paying for school leaves her feeling like she just doesn’t belong.

Youth with who feel alone and excluded have trouble finding help. This help can come from a teacher, doctor, nurse, case worker, foster care, community groups, and other kids. LGBTQ+ Latinx youth, and especially those who are undocumented, are sometimes are not aware of these resources or they fear the discrimination they will face if they use them. Not using these resources puts them at risk for dropping out of school. Knowing about the resources available will allow us to lift our communities in solidarity. ¡Si se puede!

Check out scholarship opportunities for Dreamers and Dacamented students.

The Human Rights Campaign LGBTQ scholarship Database has a wide array of opportunities for LGBTQ+ students.


The videos were created in a filmmaking workshop led by Outside the Frame and Oregon State University.