Florence Wood Award of Impact and Legacy

Disability and Mobility Do-it-Yourself Co-Op

Established to honor the life of Florence Wood, who worked tirelessly and without complaint or protest for over 50 years in the legal field

Established to honor the life of Florence Wood who worked tirelessly, without complaint or protest, for over 50 years in the legal field. Known as “Maw” to her family (and even some friends), she demonstrated a commitment to God, her family, and the legal profession. One of Maw’s greatest qualities was the positive and lasting impact she had on those around her, leaving a legacy of warmth and genuineness in her wake.

Growing up, Fridays were our days to spend together and make memories. All through college, graduate school, and even beyond, we met on Tuesday evenings for dinner at a local restaurant. She would tell stories, give advice (when asked), and provide companionship. One of my earliest memories with Maw is playing a game called Grandma’s Trunk. It is fitting that Grandma’s Trunk is a memory game, because over all of these years, she has filled my life with so many great memories. My relationship with Maw has made a lasting impact on my life that will continue to shape who I am as a person.

This award is given annually to recognize an individual involved in service and/or research within the Disability and Mobility Do-it-Yourself Co-Op at Oregon State University who embodies the same characteristics of warmth, genuineness, and positivity, while leaving a legacy and positive impact on others. The awardee also demonstrates extraordinary dedication and loyalty to the Disability and Mobility Do-it-Yourself Co-Op. Hopefully, the opportunities provided in the lab and the relationships the recipient has built with other students will leave them with lasting memories that will similarly impact their life.

In honor of Maw’s favorite things, the recipient will receive a book, a bird figurine, and a box of Earl Grey tea.

- Sam Logan, Ph.D.



Samantha Noregaard


Thomas Weathers


Christina Cafferata


Jenna Fitzgerald