Maclean Panshin

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Maclean Panshin

Corvallis, OR
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Health Systems and Policy
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Hobbies, interests, etc

Running, hiking, skiing, cooking

Why did you choose OSU for your MPH?

I am originally from Corvallis and have seen firsthand the challenges faces by local public health departments. Furthermore, I knew prior to applying that I was only interested in a concentration in health systems and policy and OSU is one of the few institutions that offers this specialization.

What has been your favorite course so far?

Public and Private Health Insurance. My public health interests are predominantly focused on expanding access to health insurance for historically underserved populations and increasing the affordability of health insurance and health care. In this course I learned about the primary drivers that make health care so unaffordable in the United States and some potential paths forward to address these challenges. This course was also set up predominantly as a seminar-style class which allowed for deeper engagement with the learning materials and specific topics students were interested in.