Christina Chac


christina chac

Christina Chac, MPH '23

Health Promotion and Health Behavior

Ask Christina about the Oregon State MPH program.

   Ask Christina

Why did you choose Oregon State University to pursue your MPH degree?

I chose Oregon State University to pursue my MPH degree because of the amazing faculty and support from the university. I attended OSU for my undergraduate degree as well and where I also had an immense amount of support, opportunities, and experiences from the OSU community. I could not imagine myself pursuing public health education anywhere else, so I was enthusiastic to attend the OSU MPH program.

What was your most memorable experience in the MPH Program?

Making it through H513 and really feeling like there we were all in this together for the remainder of the program.The most memorable experience in the MPH Program is learning from the amazing faculty during their courses and how it is applied to their field.

If you were to recommend the MPH at Oregon State to a close friend, what would you tell them?

Public Health is an exciting academic pursuit, especially at OSU! There are many opportunities and experiences that you can obtain at OSU and beyond. I wholeheartedly believe that it’s a field that they would love because it is practical and impactful in achieving positive health outcomes.

What were the most impactful 2 or 3 courses that you took during your MPH program? Why were they impactful?

One of the most impactful courses that I have taken in the MPH program is H519 Displacement, Migration, and Global Health. I learned about displacement and migration regarding job availability, climate change, reproductive health, and much more. Another impactful course that I have taken is H549 Mass Media and Health. I learned about how mass media and public health practice can be integrated to convey important health messages to target audiences.

What advice would you give current MPH students to get the most out of their program?

This is your time to try new things and gain new experiences. It can be intimidating to step out of your comfort zone, but your experience starts with you. Ask questions, make connections, and don't forget - HAVE FUN ALONG THE WAY!