Physical Activity

Our bodies are designed to move, and movement is good for us.

This program will help prepare you for a variety of careers that involve developing, implementing and evaluating community-based programs designed to promote physically active lifestyles.

These careers may be in state and local health departments, federal agencies, Extension offices, prevention research centers, worksites, schools, and professional, commercial and nonprofit organizations.

As a student in our college, you will have access to leading scholars and practitioners in the field, as well as many hands-on opportunities that will further prepare you for your future career. You may choose to become involved with IMPACT, an internationally recognized physical activity program for children and young adults with disabilities, teach a fitness course or work with public or private organizations to increase physical activity in the community.

You’ll also join more than 25,000 change-makers and go-getters we call alumni to take on some of the world’s greatest health challenges.