William V. Massey, Ph.D.

William V. Massey, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Office: 541-737-3226

Women's Building

Women's Building 203C

160 SW 26th Street

160 SW 26th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331

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PhD, Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
MS, Psychosocial Kinesiology, Southern Illinois University
BA, Sport Studies, Central Michigan University



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New book: Sport in Under-resourced, Underdeveloped, and Conflict Regions

Over the past two decades, scholars and practitioners have taken a keen interest in the field of Sport for Development and Peace (SDP). These efforts have largely focused on and debated the merits of sport as a tool for development, diplomacy, and peace building in under-resourced, underdeveloped, and conflict regions. Making sense of the positive contributions that sport can offer to such complex and multi-faceted issues requires understanding the various connections and meanings that individuals and communities ascribe to their sporting experiences. This book offers a unique outlet for research that engages with, rather than makes claims about, individuals and communities around the world. Diverse, contemporary, and thought-provoking examples of qualitative methods in the study of SDP are detailed, along with rich, meaningful, and provocative insights from these studies.



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