Shelbie G. Turner, MPH

Shelbie G. Turner, MPH

Ph.D. Student

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Academic interests: 

The underlying question that threads all of Shelbie’s work together is: “How do thoughts about the future shape behaviors in the present?”

Currently, she is studying how intergenerational relationships shape middle-aged people’s thoughts about who they may be in old age and, in turn, how those thoughts motivate them to prepare for their own age-related change.

Her dissertation study – titled the ACHIEVE (Assessing Caregiver Health In Everyday Contexts) Study – analyzes how women who are caring for parents with Alzheimer’s Disease or a Related Dementia think about their own aging processes and how those thoughts shape their pursuit of personally-identified physical activity goals.

You can learn more about Shelbie’s research projects here:

Other research interests include:

  • Intergenerational relationships, especially intergenerational caregiving of older adults
  • Anticipating and transitioning into old age; possible selves; goal pursuit
  • Social cognition; views on age and aging; self-perceptions of aging
  • Women’s aging
  • Disparities in health behavior and health outcomes
  • Developmental methodology, especially intraindividual variability


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