Sarah Short, B.S.

Sarah Short, B.S.

Research Coordinator

Office: 541-737-2743

Milam Hall

Milam Hall 109

2520 SW Campus Way

2520 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Sarah Short received her Bachelor of Science degree at Oregon State University in 2020. She joined TMR Labs as Research Coordinator in the summer of 2022.

Beyond OSU
Personal Interests: 

Sarah Short grew up on a blueberry farm in the Willamette Valley. In addition to her role at OSU, she also works as a nutrition coach helping women heal their relationship with food in order to eat more and still reach their health goals. Additionally, she founded Wholesome Beginnings LLC, a company that provides nutrition services to disability group homes. She is a mother of two, dog owner, fitness enthusiast, and loves cooking and the outdoors.

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