Molly Kile, Sc.D.

Associate Professor
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Office: 541-737-1443

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School of Biological and Population Health Sciences
Environmental and Occupational Health
Global Health
Center for Global Health
Academic interests: 

My major research interests are environmental, molecular epidemiology and global health. I am interested in understanding how exposure to chemicals in our environment influences maternal and child health. Specifically, I am interested in how chemical exposures in utero may alter epigenetic mechanisms that could contribute to chronic diseases later in life. I am also interested in how genetic and other individual factors such as nutritional factors may interact with chemical exposures to influences susceptibility to disease. I have a very strong background in exposure biology and developing cohorts for environmental epidemiological studies. I also have a very strong interest in international environmental health studies.

Research Highlight:

Molly is the Principle Investigator of two NIEHS-funded research projects “Developmental exposure to arsenic and immune function in children”  which is actively following up children in Bangladesh to:

  1. Determine the relationship between prenatal arsenic exposure and infectious diseases morbidity,
  2. Determine the relationship between prenatal arsenic exposure and development of humoral immunity against human pathogens, and
  3. Explore the association between prenatal arsenic and changes in immune profiles in peripheral leukocytes in paired cord-infant blood samples.

She is also the director of the Community Engagement Core of OSU’s Superfund Research Center. In this role, she works with Native American Tribes in the Pacific Northwest to investigate their concerns about environmental pollution.


Dr Molly Kile received her doctorate from Harvard School of Public Health in Environmental Health. She continued her postdoctoral training at Harvard in molecular epidemiology

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