Megan Pratt, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Practice)

Hallie E. Ford Center

Hallie E. Ford Center

2631 SW Campus Way

2631 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Academic interests: 

Megan Pratt coordinates the Oregon Child Care Research Partnership, which conducts research related to child care policy at the local and state levels. Dr. Pratt’s work focuses on understanding early learning at local, state, and national levels, with an emphasis on vulnerable populations. She investigates child care and early learning from the perspectives of the child, family, and workforce. Her work also examines how early learning in both formal (eg child care) and informal, community settings (eg libraries) can best support families with young children.

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Book Chapter

M. E. Pratt, Taylor, M., van Huisstede, L., and Gaias, L. M., A Novel Take on Family Involvement: Public Libraries as Early Education for the Whole Family, in Family Involvement in Early Education and Child Care (Advances in Early Education and Day Care, Vol. 20), 6th ed., vol. 20, J. A. Sutterby, Ed. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2016, pp. 67 - 89.

Journal Article


Journal Article

S. T. Lipscomb, Schmitt, S. A., and Pratt, M. E., Professional Development Scholarships Increase Qualifications of Diverse Providers, Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education, vol. 36, no. 3, pp. 232 - 249, 2015.
M. E. Pratt, Lipscomb, S. T., and Schmitt, S. A., The Effect of Head Start on Parenting Outcomes for Children Living in Non-parental Care, Journal of Child and Family Studies, vol. 24, no. 109454, pp. 2944 - 2956, 2015.


Journal Article

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