Maureen Hosty

Extension 4-H Youth Faculty and Leonard and Brenda Aplet Financial Literacy Endowed Professor

Office: 971-361-9628

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Maureen provides overall leadership to the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program and the 4-H Wildlife Stewards State Team. Under Maureen’s leadership and with the effort of many past and present OSU Extension staff, volunteers and community partners, the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program was created. The program began in 1997 in Portland, Oregon. Today the program is in multiple counties throughout the state. Maureen is primarily responsible for facilitating 4-H Wildlife Stewards staff, volunteers and teachers to create, enhance and sustain the 4-H Wildlife Stewards Program and develop it into a national model.

Maureen’s background and successful experience in developing community-based youth programs is based on the strong and committed team she recruits to design and support the program. The 4-H Wildlife Stewards program is an example of a successful team model.

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