Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC, EMT, FNATA

Mark Hoffman, PhD, ATC, EMT, FNATA


Office: 541-737-6787

Langton Hall

Langton Hall 226

2450 Jefferson Way

2450 Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Academic interests: 

Understanding and improving factors influencing the health, wellness, and safety of wildland firefighters.  More specifically, this work is currently focused on the medical services provided to wildland fire personnel working on large scale incidents.

Understanding the intersections between Athletic Training and Public Health and supporting both professions in collaborative efforts to improve the public health of the communities of physically active individuals.



Journal Article

M. Hoffman, Maddalozzo, G. F., Widrick, J., and Snow, C., Spinal reflex profiles in early postmenopausal women., The journal of gender-specific medicine : JGSM : the official journal of the Partnership for Women's Health at Columbia, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 27-9, 2003.


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