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Adolescents Children and Families experts
Adapted physical activity MacDonald
Adolescent development  Settersten, Black
Autism, movement skills MacDonald
Child care/preschool Lipscomb
Childhood obesity, strategies Sorte, Wong
Child development McClelland
Children, youth with disabilities MacDonald
Early childhood Lipscomb
Early childhood, education McClelland
EFNEP and SNAP-Ed Program Evaluations Wong
Emergency preparedness Black
Family formation Settersten
Family relationships Settersten
Fatherhood Settersten
Higher education Settersten
Latino 4-H clubs Fonseca
Leaving and returning home Settersten
Older youth leadership Schreiber
Positive youth development Flay
Prevention of unhealthy behaviors among adolescents Flay
School and community-based health promotion, prevention Flay
School gardens Hosty
School readiness and self-regulation McClelland
Self-regulation Lipscomb
SNAP-Ed Rudolph
Young worker health and safety Kincl
Youth-adult partnerships Lesmeister, Ashton
Youth and disasters Black
Youth ATV rider safety White
Youth development Kershaw, Green, Ferris, Black, Ashton
Youth shooting sports safety White
Youth expertise - bridging the urban-rural divide Hosty
Youth - transition to adulthood Settersten
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Cervical and breast cancer Thorburn
Chronic kidney disease Odden
Diabetes prevention Case, Mendez-Luck
Cardiovascular disease prevention in elderly adults Odden
Chronic disease epidemiology Smit
Diet and cancer prevention Ho
Epidemiologic methods Odden
Infectious disease Bethel
Nutritional epidemiology Smit
HIV epidemiology Smit
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Environment, Safety & Health
Arsenic Kile
Chemical exposures Kile, Kincl
Emergency preparedness, response, recovery Bethel, Black
Environmental contamination/public health interventions Harding
Environmental health Kile
Ergonomics Kincl
Healthy homes (mold control, indoor air quality) Brandt
Occupational health Bethel, Kincl
Tribal environmental health Harding
Water quality, drinking water contamination Harding
Work site wellness, employee health Polizzi
Occupational safety and health Veltri, Kincl
Sustainability Veltri
Young worker health Kincl
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Exercise Experts
Athletic training


Energy balance, weight control Manore
Nutrition and exercise Manore
Pedagogy - physical education Asbell
Physical activity Cardinal
Physical activity instructional skill analysis Asbell
Physical activity programming Asbell
Self-perceptions and physical activity Ebbeck
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Food and Nutrition Experts
Food insecurity, hunger-obesity paradox Richards
Food preservation Schreiber
Food safety, science, preservation Polizzi, Withee, Kershaw, Rudolph
Health benefits of zinc Ho
Healthy eating behaviors for families; college students Cluskey
Lower extremity biomechanics Norcross
Multiethnic preadolescent's calcium intake Wong
Nutrition education, game development and immersive technology Wong
Nutrient-gene interactions Ho
Nutrient needs of active individuals, those trying to get fit Manore
Nutrition and exercise Manore
Nutrition education for youth and limited-resource families Case, Wong
Nutrition for disease prevention, management Polizzi
Phytochemicals Ho
Recipe, menu and nutriet calculation, food handling operations, commercial and home use; food acceptability Cluskey
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Health Disparities & Inequalities
Discrimination in healthcare Thorburn
Families and poverty Richards
Financial literacy Rudolph
Medical mistrust Thorburn
Latino health Mendez-Luck
Social determinants of health Thorburn
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Health Policy Experts
Discrimination in healthcare Thorburn
Public health policy Bernell
Public health reform Bernell
Public health economics Bernell
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Health Promotion and Health Behavior Experts
At-risk population education Fonseca, Wong
Community-based nutrition education Case, Wong
Community-based research Thorburn, Richards, Wong
Environmental education Bourdeau
Latino parent education Fonseca
Obesity prevention John
Personalized/genomic medicine Settersten
Physical activity behavior/promotion John, Wong
Social and cultural influences on health Thorburn, Flay
Sexual health and evaluation Catania
Adolescent health Dolcini
School-based health promotion Flay
Mass media for health promotion Flay
Healthy lifestyle and obesity prevention Cardinal
Psycho-social and cultural aspects Cardinal
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Senior Health Experts
Aging Aldwin, Brandt, Hooker, Settersten, Mendez-Luck
Cardiovascular disease prevention in elderly adults Odden
Caregiving Mendez-Luck
Caregiving and technology Hooker
Gender and aging Settersten
Healthy aging and healthy rural communities John
Personality and social relationships in later life Hooker
Relationships between adult children, aging parents Settersten, Mendez-Luck
Stress and coping, aging Aldwin
Trauma, aging Aldwin
Veterans, effects of military service on aging Aldwin, Settersten
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Sexual and Reproductive Health Experts
Prevention of unintended pregnancy and HIV/STIs among high-risk populations Harvey
Access to sexual and reproductive health services for Latinos Harvey
Influence of relationships and contextual factors on protective behaviors and sexual risk-taking Harvey
Epidemiology, prevention, methodology: STIs, dysfunctions, HIV, childhood sexual abuse, MSM, adolescents and adults Catania
Adolescent sexual health Dolcini
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Program Evaluation and Development Experts
Outcome measurement development, RCTs, qualitative and quantitative Catania
Adolescent health program evaluation Dolcini
Mass media program evaluation Flay
School and community program evaluation Flay
Advanced research design issues Flay
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Youth Programs Experts
Camping Galloway, Davis, Withee
Certified interpretive trainer Bourdeau
Challenge and adventure/team and group process Davis
Non-profit risk management Lesmeister
Program evaluation Flay, Rennekamp
Resident camp management, programs Bourdeau, Patrick
Science/natural resource education Patrick, Galloway
Volunteer development Schreiber, Lesmeister
Volunteer management Galloway, Ashton
Youth programs Galloway
Youth projects around food systems, social enterprises Hosty
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The faculty in this directory are experts in their field and are available to assist lawmakers, the media, students and fellow researchers. By clicking on their name, you will access their profile, including contact information and more detailed information about their work.