Aimee Snyder, DrPH, MPH, CHES

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School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences
Health Promotion and Health Behavior

As a former middle school teacher and school wellness coordinator, Miss Snyder found her passion using participatory methods to promote health at schools.  Her interests in researching innovative and collaborative methods to promote health through schools led her to pursue a Masters in Public Health in Health Promotion and Health Behavior, achieved in 2013, and then a Doctorate in Public Health, expected 2016, at the University of Arizona.  At the university level, Miss Snyder was able to combine her creative education design skills with community-based outreach and research, mostly in K-12 schools.  She designed, led, and evaluated four undergraduate-graduate elective courses for credit which provided hands-on training and deployed students to facilitate intervention education and/or data collection at K-12 schools and the local YMCA.  These community-based public health courses provided students with opportunities for authentic and applied experiential learning as well as met the needs of the university and schools served.  Miss Snyder's interest in her full-time instructor position at Oregon State University is to develop, evaluate, and disseminate best practices for health promotion professional education and training.  She hopes to continue to develop and institutionalize community-based coursework as an approach to bridge the gap between academia and public health practice.  

Additionally, Miss Snyder is a freelance public health journalist.  Her first and most notable story followed a day in the life of a school nurse in a low-income, urban elementary school.  Her goal is to use mass media to uncover public health issues to motivate social change.  Miss Snyder has also been a regular contributor for Tailwinds, an outdoor sports and adventure publication, all of which are linked in her CV.  Stories have also been written about Miss Snyder for public health purposes.  She was featured in aNational Public Radio (NPR) story as well as the front page of Tucson, Arizona's, local paper, Arizona Daily Star, sharing her experience of an uninsured healthcare emergency.

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