PAC 108 Step Aerobics / Step & Sculpt

PAC 108 Step Aerobics / Step & Sculpt

Low-impact, high intensity workout adjustable to all fitness levels utilizing adjustable height benches. Strengthening and flexibility exercises included.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Shown safety precautions with correct use of Step bench and safe stepping technique.
  • Demonstrated comprehension of cardiovascular fitness, muscle toning, coordination, balance, rhythmic awareness and flexibility applied to Step Aerobics.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of step patterns instructed during class.
  • Demonstrated application of heart rate monitoring by two methods: 1) pulse taking and 2) perceived rate of exertion.
  • Recognized applications of dance and Pilates imagery as applied to Step Aerobics and in class exercises.
  • Trained to improve technique and form for Step Aerobics.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to regular exercise through regular class attendance and participation.
  • Set goals of commitment to exercise and pursuit of lifelong health and well-being.

Course Content

  • Safety: Students will be instructed on proper use of Step bench.
  • Form and technique: Students will be instructed in safe and effective stepping techniqe.
  • Cardiovascular, toning and flexibility exercises: Students with be instructed in correct body mechanics for cardiovascular, toning and flexibility exercises.
  • Balance and coordination exercises: Students will be instructed in exercises to improve their balance and coordination and which promotes safe and effective exercise in class as well as outside of class.
  • Imagery applications drawn from dance and Pilates: Students will be introduced to imagery which relates to exercise techniques demonstrated in class.
  • Goal setting: Students will identify exercise routines that promote lifelong health and well-being.
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