Innovation Projects

Innovation Projects

Oregon State University Center for Health Innovation

Health in All Places

The places where we live, work, age and play largely shape our overall health. We’re asking how neighborhoods could be better designed to promote health for all people.

Convenience stores are neighborhood staples. They also have big impacts on the leading causes of preventable death and disability – nutrition, tobacco and alcohol consumption. The center is working to reimagine healthy retail environments alongside business owners.

Highlight: Wellness In Neighborhood Stores (WINS)

The center is developing a pragmatic food environment observational survey tool and implementation toolkit called Wellness In Neighborhood Stores (WINS). This concise tool engages community members as Citizen Scientists in their own neighborhoods. Based on findings from the WINS survey, the center will partner with Linn County convenience stores to assist with store-based changes to improve food security.

Surge Bench Program

The Surge Bench program partners graduate and undergraduate students with public health professionals at the Oregon Health Authority to expand local and statewide COVID-19 response efforts.

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19,000 individuals in Linn County do not have enough to eat and are unable to purchase healthy food (2015, Linn County Data).


Did you know?

Many retail stores who are eligible to accept SNAP or WIC payments are not enrolled.