Innovation Projects

Oregon State University Center for Health Innovation

We collaborate to develop solutions for current and predicted future challenges to population and individual health.

Healthy Retail Environments

OCHI team members are working with Linn County Public Health and community partners to reimagine how retail environments, like small convenience stores, can promote health and wellbeing in our neighborhoods. Retailers play an important role in preventing three of the leading causes of preventable death and disability in the county – poor nutrition, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption. We are proposing a shift where convenience store owners and managers become formalized members of the larger health ecosystem to improve population-level food security.


Evaluating Public Health Modernization

The state of Oregon has a plan to modernize public health, also called “Public Health 3.0.” Modernization ensures that all Oregonians are protected against public health threats and able to access necessary health services. The foundational programs of Oregon’s Public Health 3.0 address communicable disease control, prevention and health promotion, environmental health, and access to clinical preventive services.

OCHI is facilitating evaluation of Clackamas County’s public health modernization plan. This includes examining Clackamas County’s “Health Equity Zones,” smaller geographic areas that allow a better visual of health/social risks and trends.