Please note that not all class offerings are scheduled every term. Please view the current term's class schedule to plan your schedule.



Aerobic machines

The Aerobic Machines Workout is an open time for you to get your cardiovascular exercise in on treadmills, bicycles, elliptical trainers and more. Our instructor is there if you need help or instruction for your programming. There is also open mat space for stretching and conditioning work.

Aerobic machine circuit

A fast paced workout which targets your heart rate. Train the heart through cardio exercises bringing the heart rate up to a maximum and then lowering the heart rate to a steady pace. In class, a Polar watch will be provided to track heart rate and heart rate training zones for those interested. This class will also train your flexibility and thus enhance balance.

Cardio dance

A fun dance party atmosphere with a fusion of American, Latin, and International music dance themes that create a dynamic, exciting effective fitness system! The routines utilize the principles of fitness interval and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning and total body toning with a combination of fast and slow rhythms. It is a mixture of body sculpting movements with easy to follow dance steps, so no prior dance experience is needed.

Cardio kickboxing

An aerobic workout that blends basic boxing and martial arts techniques.  An ideal format for achieving an intense, fat-burning workout.  No prior experience required, just an adventurous spirit.

Morning blast

A high-intensity total body workout utilizing dumbbells, resistance bands, jump ropes, and stepping platforms. This class is focused on strength and endurance gains, plus overall cardiovascular health. The workouts are ever changing in order to keep your body guessing to ensure the best results. This course can be catered to all levels. 

Step / Sculpt

A step aerobics class that is always different, always moving, always a good workout, and ALWAYS fun!  The format incorporates segments on total body conditioning, abdominal and core strengthening, as well as stretching.



Aqua aerobics

This class employs the properties of water for a total-body workout without the strain on muscles and joints associated with higher impact activities.  Using the buoyancy of water for increased range of motion along with the density of water for added resistance this class will take you through a variety of routines to enhance cardiovascular fitness, tone and strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve balance. Enjoy energetic aerobic routines, deep water running intervals, water Pilates, and more.

Therapeutic water exercise

The Therapeutic Water Exercise class offers the similar exercise to Aqua Aerobics (above) but is shorter in length and somewhat lower in intensity. The supportive and buoyant properties of water offer an excellent mode of exercise for people who are uncomfortable with gravity based land workouts. Instructors provide a welcoming and encouraging environment to support participation at any level. Aquatic exercise is shown to be effective for rehabilitation for injuries and surgeries and is a good mode of exercise to prepare for surgery. The class format includes an individual warm up and instructor directed exercises encompassing all aspects of fitness including balance. Participants prefer deep water workouts, but some shallow work is included. We can also adapt to shallow water work for those who need it. Supportive equipment is either worn or held in deep water.

Masters swim workout

This activity is conducted much in the same format as a competitive swim team training program. The four racing strokes - freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly - are utilized. During the workouts, swimmers cover between 2600-3000 yards. Not all participants are interested in competitive swimming but find the workouts challenging and beneficial. If you are not sure about your ability or interest, drop in and view a class session to help you make an appropriate choice. RECOMMENDED: goggles, swim cap

Swim 1 & 2 and Open swim

This is a swimming class for non-swimmers, beginning swimmers and advanced swimmers. Class works on stroke development, stroke technique and aerobic conditioning. The typical class numbers allow for those who wish to use the time as an open swim time to do during Swim I/II class. RECOMMENDED: goggles, swim cap

Swim skills workout

Not as intense as the Swim I/II workout section. Swimmers are presented with both an opportunity to learn and refine stroke mechanics as well as get in a workout. Each session will combine drills and a swim training experience using the swim team interval style workout program. Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly are covered, bonus material may include turns, dives or individual requests. This class is for individuals of all ages with swim skills ranging marginal to reasonably accomplished. RECOMMENDED: goggles, swim cap



Back clinic / postural therapy

The Back Conditioning class features methods from postural-alignment therapy; a method that gets to the root of your chronic pain by restoring your body to proper alignment, function and balance. You'll strengthen and stretch the back as well as the opposing abdominal muscles. Mat and optional hand weight exercises are used to strengthen the back and other major body muscle groups. Stretching, relaxation, posture and balance are also covered. Back pain relief exercises are offered as needed, however, by attending regularly, back pain prevention is our goal.

Functional fitness

Improve your total body, core strength, range of motion, strength and lean muscle mass. This class utilizes foam rollers, suspension trainers, physioballs and body weight to focus on the development of postural stability and realignment. EMPHASIS: Monday: Total body strength and technique; Wednesday: Core, posture, balance; Friday: Aerobic strength


Mind / Body

Active tr-flow (intermediate)

Active TriYoga Flow is a well-balanced sequence of stretching and strengthening movements designed to open the body gradually. Focusing on breath while moving from one position to the next combined with holding positions in a dynamic way directs energy in the body increasing internal heat. This in turn stimulates release of tension from different bodily parts. The primary intent of the course is to nourish the body, quiet the mind and re-connect with our essential state of being. Even though the course may be more vigorous for some, all levels are welcome. RECOMMENDED: Yoga Mat

Barre fusion

Barre Fusion takes strengthening, stretching, yoga, Pilates and ballet aspects of fitness and leaves you with the benefits of a Barre/Fusion class. With only your own body weight and bare feet, you will reap the benefits of this class with more balance, core strength, and an overall fitness to keep your posture and joints happy and healthy. RECOMMENDED: Yoga Mat

Core stability ball / yoga

This class blends the all over benefits of yoga (flexibility, strength, balance, postural alignment and attention to breath) with the dynamics of stability balls for developing a stronger core and greater all over body strength and balance. A fun but challenging class. RECOMMENDED: Yoga Mat


Fusion is a mind/body exercise program based on Pilates principles and moves, intertwined with Yoga style components. Benefits of Fusion include increased strength, flexibility, balance, uniform development, concentration, control and breathing. The program focuses on the breath for deep core centering in order to achieve a fluid, peaceful, yet potentially intense, workout for the whole body. Modifications are given for those who do not have previous yoga and Pilates experience. RECOMMENDED: Yoga Mat

Pilates 1

Pilates is a core-strengthening class that emphasizes strengthening of all the muscles, especially the abs and lower back. Its roots are in dance, therapy, and yoga. Participants will quickly see an improvement in themselves and their bodies including more flexibility, more strength, better posture, a decrease in neck and back pain, and a less stressed feeling. Pilates is a core workout that uses no equipment and engages the whole body. Many of the physical problems we face are a result of poor core strength. This class helps to remedy these other problems at the source. Pilates 1 covers basic Pilates principles and basic mat work. RECOMMENDED: Yoga Mat

Restorative yoga (basic)

Restorative Yoga is suitable for everyone and is designed to support and inspire the practice of yoga in a focused and relaxed way with the emphasis on the principles of "dynamic relaxation" and the restoration of bodily functions. Props such as bolsters, blocks, and straps will be used to facilitate, encourage, and ease the approach of releasing tension and stress. RECOMMENDED: Yoga Mat

Therapeutic yoga (gentle)

Designed for those who are less physically active, are recovering from injuries, have chronic health conditions, or simply want to enjoy a gentle yoga class. The relaxed pace encourages awareness and ease in the experience of exploration, while allowing the release of tension and stress from the body and mind. The class is a comprehensive yoga practice and may be used as a training ground for other athletic pursuits or a more vigorous style of yoga. RECOMMENDED: Yoga Mat

Vinyasa Flow Yoga (intermediate)

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a fitness-based approach to yoga flow. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful flow. Students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Pilates/core-strengthening movements will also be integrated into the format for this class. RECOMMENDED: Yoga Mat


Weight training

Cardio weights

The class utilizes dumbbells, bars, exercise bands, and benches while keeping your heart pumping. The workouts will vary daily but each class will include a warm-up, full body muscle strengthening, aerobic activity, and a cool down stretch. Enjoy this strength training class with a kick of cardio!

Weight training

The foundation of this class is a weight-training program, using machines, free weights and resistance equipment.  Routines are changed daily.  Workout sessions emphasize increasing muscular endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance.


Seasonal offerings

Fly tying

Learn to tie your own flies and get rewarded by catching fish with them.  You will learn about fly tying materials, basic techniques and step-by-step instructions on how to tie three basic fly patterns: Pheasant Tail, Adams, and Woolly Bugger. Equipment needed explained at start of term.

Friday fun day

This class is open to both Students and Faculty/Staff dedicated to PLAY time in activities including: volleyball, basketball, pickle ball, badminton and team handball. Sports conditioning will be included with interest by participants.

Golf: Intermediate

Review of fundamentals, intermediate skills and strategy at an intermediate level, review and instruction of rules and etiquette, game and skills challenges, on course play 5-7 times, competition formats, and exposure to the social environment of recreational golf. Course fee does not cover green fees. Although clubs can be provided, it is preferred that participants provide their own clubs. Prerequisites: prior golf instruction, practice and play on regulation courses, knowledge of etiquette and rules. Although the class is scheduled for 90 minutes, the time may be shorter during inclement weather, and may be longer when the class travels to play golf. 

Happy, healthy eyes

Introductory class that covers techniques to avoid neck, shoulder and eye strain, as well as computer vision syndrome.