Whole Grain Summit 2015

Whole Grain Summit 2015

The Whole Grain Summit 2015 was held June 24 -26, 2015 at the Nines Hotel in downtown Portland, Oregon.

The Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health at Oregon State University and the Grains for Health Foundation hosted this event and would like to thank everyone who came and joined in the conversation.

The Whole Grain Summit convened scientists, business, and health professionals from around the world to examine where we’ve been and where we’re going in the area of research on whole grains and health.

The overall goal of the Whole Grain Summit 2015 was, from seed to community impact, to identify innovative and collective solutions, synergies and outcomes to bring whole grains to the forefront in health in the population. We aspired to provide a platform to engage and inspire the whole grain community, across multiple disciplines, from farm to consumers, to come together and work towards collaborative system-wide solutions with true impact on the population’s health.

Stay tuned for more information about the next Whole Grain Summit!

Session 1
Opening Keynotes
Chairs: Emily Ho, Moore Family Center, Oregon State University and
Len Marquart, Grains For Health Foundation, University of Minnesota

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Public-Private Partnerships in Grains & Health
Catherine Woteki, United State Department of Agriculture
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Importance of Early Diet on Lifelong Health
Kent Thornburg, Oregon Health & Sciences University
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 Session 2
State of the Grain Market Address: A Global Perspective
Question: What are the successes and challenges? What categories are not using whole grains very much? What are the opportunities? How do we increase whole grain availability and consumption at a global level?
Overview of Issues & Scope
Colleen Zammer, Bay State Milling
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Working Together to Deliver Whole Grain Foods to Schools and Foodservice Customers
Lisa Feldman, Sodexo
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Development and Delivery of Whole Grain Ingredients and Foods
Jimmy Simonte, Domino’s and Don Trouba, Ardent Mills
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Working Together in the New Ulm Community to Increase Consumption of Whole Grain Foods
Rebecca Lindberg, Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation
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Developing and Customizing Whole Grain Breads for European Consumers
Roberto Ranieri, Open Fields
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A few Thoughts on Whole Grain Education and Culture in China
Xiaodong Yu, China Public Nutrition and Development Center
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 Session 3
The Whole Grain Dialogue – Fact or Myth
Question: What are current controversies? How do we unify research and create solutions?

MYTH PANEL – Introduction (Anne Birkett, Kellogg Co.)

Gluten Intolerance and Celiac Disease – What You Need to Know
Matt Riley, MD, Northwest Pediatric Gastroenterology
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Modern Wheat: Nutritious Food to Feed the World or Corrupted Foodstuff?
Judi Adams, Wheat Foods Council
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Is gluten free the healthier option for most of us?
Prof Dr Fred Brouns, Chair "Health Food Innovation", Maastricht University, Netherlands
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Do whole grains make you sick and fat? A perspective on the healthfulness of whole grains as seeds in an overall healthful dietary pattern.
David Jacobs, University of Minnesota
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WHOLE GRAIN DIALOGUE- Fact or Myth-Intervention vs Epidemiology- Setting the Stage
Paul Jacques, Tufts University
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Dialogue – Intervention (Devries) and Observational Studies (Liu)
Jan De Vries, De Vries Nutrition Solutions and  Simin Liu, Brown University
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Session 4
Networking & Idea Gathering
Question: What expertise is in the room? What are our collective experiences? What might we address as a collaborative community?
Introduction: Who? What?
An overview of the intent and process to facilitate connections
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Speed Networking – Experiences & Insights
Through a series of small group ‘story sharing’ rounds, we’ll learn differing perspectives and begin to see ‘the whole’
Download notes from interactive session 4 (pdf)
Moving Ideas Forward
This is only the beginning! We will recap themes and the upcoming Summit activities for defining collaborative actions
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Session 5
Food Attributes & Innovations
Question: What are challenges and opportunities in the supply chain to improve nutrition value of the diet through whole grains?
Part 1:  Practical, Healthy, Affordable and Desirable Foods
Sponsored by Quaker Oats Center of Excellence               
Chairs: Len Marquart, Grains for Health Foundation and YiFang Chu, Quaker Oats Center of Excellence
intro slides - Mark Twain (pdf)
Opportunities with Grains for Health: Breeding and Production
Nancy Ames, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals
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Whole Grain Processing, Functional Components for Positive  Food Attributes and Health
Eric Decker, University of Massachusetts
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Research Evidence to Products and Health Claims
YiFang Chu, Quaker Oats Center of Excellence
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Changing Factors in the Retail Environment to Facilitate Consumption of Healthy Grain-Based Foods
Joel Gittelsohn, Global Obesity Prevention Center at Johns Hopkins, Center for Human Nutrition,
Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
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Increasing Whole Grain Consumption:  Policy and Economics
Laurian Unnevehr, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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Part 2:  Innovations
Chairs:  Gary Hou, Wheat Marketing Center and Andrew Ross, Oregon State University
Introduction – Innovations and Integration in the Supply Chain
Andrew Ross, Oregon State University
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Novel Technologies in Whole-Wheat Noodle Development
Gary Hou, Wheat Marketing Center
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Panel discussion: Innovation examples (Moderator: Gary Hou)
Suyong Lee (Sejong University), Lirong Zhou (ICL Food Specialties), Sharon Book (ICL Food Specialties)
  • An Insight into On-Trend Applications of Whole-Grain: Frozen Dough Bread and Noodles
    Download slides (pdf)
  • Texture Modification of Whole Wheat Noodles and Flavor Protection of Whole Grain Products Through Functional Ingredients
    Download slides (pdf)
  • Optimizing Chemical Leavening in Whole Grain Bakery Products
    Download slides (pdf)
Considerations for Limiting and Preventing Microbial Contamination in Whole Grain Cereal Based Products
Andreia Bianchini,  University of Nebraska
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Sprouted Grains – Technology, Uses and Health Benefits.
Gang Guo, Ardent Mills
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How to Bring in Innovations into the Supply Chain?  Examples?
Summary, Andrew Ross; Table Exercise: Gather ideas for collaboration
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Session 6
Technology and new tools in nutrition education
Question: What are innovative new tools for messaging and nutrition education?
Introduction to Session
Siew Sun Wong, Oregon State University
Download slides (pdf)
Using Entertainment to Educate: KickinNutrition.TV
Paula Quatromoni, Boston University
Download slides (pdf)
Virtual Worlds and Technology in Health Education
Jonathon Richter, University of Oregon
Download slides (pdf)
Social Media and Mobile Devices in Nutrition Education
Kay Nobuko Hongu, University of Arizona
Download slides (pdf)
Innovative Tools for Dietary Assessment
Carol Boushey, University of Hawai’i
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Session 7
Whole Grain Community Showcase/Poster Reception
Introduction to Showcase and Healthy Community Outreach Projects
Renee Carr, Moore Family Center, Oregon State University
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Poster Discussions and Reception – Nine’s Pre-function space (6th Floor) with food and beverage
Do we find any parallels in these projects to our suggestions from Day 1? Use the posters and projects to further refine, narrow, broaden or build the project ideas from Day 1.
Download notes from interactive session 7 (pdf)
Session 8
Consumer Messaging & Education/Communication
Question: How do we overcome consumer/public misunderstanding?
LeeAnne Murphy, Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network
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Beyond the Headlines: How to Get the Story Straight – Consumer Perspectives
Kathleen Zelman, WebMD
(No materials to download)
What is the Science Behind the Headline; and How to Use Science in the Answer
Cynthia Harriman, Whole Grains Council
Download slides (pdf)
Individual Messaging Group Exercise
Lee Anne Murphy and Shelly Melroe, Confluency, LLC
  • 'Top 3' points of public misperception
  • Scenarios: Finish the Story
  • Reporting and conclusion

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Session 9
Building a Healthier Food Environment
Question: How do we provide a positive environment that facilitates whole grain consumption?
Challenges and Opportunities with Whole Grains in Retail Environment
Shari Steinbach, Meijer
Download slides (pdf)
Whole Grains in Volume Food Service Operations: Challenges, Opportunities and Success Stories
Amy Myrdal Miller, Farmer's Daughter Consulting
Download slides (pdf)
Building a Healthy Food Environment in Schools
Chef Garrett Berdan, Oregon Public Schools, Nutrition and Culinary Educator
Download slides (pdf)
Behavioral Economics and Smarter Lunchrooms
Kathryn Hoy, Cornell University
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Lunch featuring Chefs’ Demo and Panel

Sponsored by OSU College of Public Health and Human Sciences, OSU Foundation, OSU Research Office and OSU College of Agriculture

Chair: Jay Perry, University Housing and Dining Services, Oregon State University
Robin Asbell, Chef, Educator and Author, Whole Grains
Garrett Berdan, Oregon Public Schools Chef Consultant
Vitali Paley, Paley’s Place, Portland, Oregon

Session 10
Call to Collaborative Action & Conclusions
Introduction and Overview
Pete Levangie, Bay State Milling
Download slides (pdf)
Got Milk? A Brief History of One of the Most Memorable Campaigns in Advertising History – and Its Relevance to the Grain Industry
W. Stephen James, James & James Consulting LLC; California Milk Processor Board
Download slides (pdf)
Lessons From the International Year of the Pulse: Shaping future paths with sticky messages from a cooperative rider and elephant-going against the grain?...NOT.
Henry Thompson, Colorado State University
Download slides (pdf)
Workshop: Defining future collaborative work that creates impact
Question: What are the most important things to DO as a whole grains community as next steps?
Outcomes: Project outlines and initiatives for organizations to move forward
Facilitated by Shelly Melroe, Confluency LLC
  • Small group working session
  • Report out and recap

Download slides (pdf)
Download notes from interactive session 10 (pdf)