Healthy Meals 101

Moore Family Center

Learn to develop a personal meal plan and practice cooking skills in the Moore Family Center kitchens. Whether you are a true beginner or just want to improve your food and nutrition skills, this course can help.

NUTR 299

Applications in Food and Nutrition: Healthy Meals

During class, you will get hands-on experience to improve your knife skills, learn cooking techniques, and explore new flavors while making healthy, affordable meals and snacks together with your classmates. Guest Chefs from University Housing and Dining Services will share their expert tips and tricks!



Here’s what students are saying about NUTR 299

“My favorite part was definitely the in-class cooking. I enjoyed being able to get hands-on experience cooking nutritious and healthy meals, and feel like I can apply skills that I learned in the kitchen to healthy meal planning at home.”

“My favorite part was learning how to cook new recipes that are quick and easy, learning useful knife skills, and learning about eating a more balanced diet in general.”

“I loved learning how to cook raw fish in this class. It was something I never tried before because I was too nervous. I learned that cooking fish is actually pretty easy. I’ve been incorporating the new skill of cooking fish in my life and I love it.”

“A new habit that I intend to incorporate into my life because of taking NUTR 299 is eating more whole wheat and whole grains. I noticed that I prefer the flavor compared to white or other forms. I even bought whole wheat tortillas the last time I went to the store and they added extra flavor instead of the usual white tortillas.”

“I really enjoyed all the insightful discussions we had in class, but I think my favorite part of this class was the cooking days. It was a lot of fun to see everyone preparing all the fresh, vibrant dishes and get the chance to have a more relaxed environment to talk to everyone.”

“This course is a lifestyle class in my eyes; what I have learned in here, I have directly applied to my food intake.”

“I like how simple and straight-forward this class is; it’s also nice to have conversations with peers about what they struggle with when it comes to food prep.”


Interested in registering for NUTR 299? The class will be offered next during Winter 2019. In the meantime, follow the MFC Facebook page for updates on NUTR 299 and other events.


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For more information and experiential learning opportunities related to food and nutrition at OSU, check out Food Hero, Cooking Classes at the HSRC, and UHDS.

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