Region 9 West Central (Benton, Linn, Marion, Polk & Yamhill counties)

Region 9 West Central

(Benton, Linn, Marion, Polk & Yamhill counties)

Healthy Communities Outreach Project

“We Are All Food Heroes”

To help build and strengthen healthier environments and improve health equity in the West Central Region, the Central Willamette Extension Service Region will implement the "We are All Food Heroes” campaign.

We Are All Food Heroes uses a three-pronged approach to improve health equity, including:

  1. Build internal capacity to improve health equity and support environmental change through regional staff trainings and discussion groups
  2. Implement a culturally appropriate, comprehensive Food Hero campaign integrated into FCH and 4-H programming.
  3. Identify and encourage non-traditional leaders to become “Food Heroes” and carry the message forward

Team Members

  • Benton: Caroyln Ashton (4-H), Maggie Livesay (4-H) and Ana Lu Fonseca (4-H)
  • Linn: Tina Dodge Vera (FCH) and Iris Carrasco (SNAP-Ed)
  • Marion: Tonya Johnson (FCH), Melanie Mintken (4-H), Cristian Curiel (4-H)and Dan Hoynacki (4-H)
  • Polk: Susan Busler (4-H) and Judi Peters (4-H)
  • Yamhill: Mike Knutz (4-H)
  • OSU Campus: Mary Arnold, Professor and Youth Development Specialist (4-H)

Highlighted Partners

  • Local 4-H and FCH Programs
  • Cesar Chavez Elementary School
  • Sunrise Elementary School

Project Files


Tina Dodge-Vera
Faculty page

Tonya Johnson
Faculty page

Moore Family Center Outreach Activities

  • Weave Food Hero campaign into FCH and 4-H programs
  • Encourage non-traditional leaders to become “Food Heroes” to promote the “We Are All Food Heroes” message
  • Train Region 9 staff and discussion groups to improve health equity and environmental change


OSU and BRM grain bags carnival poster
  • Carnival of Learning Event held April 2015
  • Five activity tables helped youth learn about whole grains
  • Activities included: whole grain grinding, grain identification, making whole grain tortillas, and school food service sharing whole grains on their menu