Style Guide

Style Guide

College of Health Sub-Brand Guidelines

In 2018-19, the College of Health engaged the branding, marketing and digital agency Ologie to create a sub-brand for the college. This brand aligns and supports OSU’s master brand.

Fundamental objectives

  • Identify an accurate and effective brand story that the college can deliver on, with the ability to resonate with core audiences.
  • Articulate the benefits and successes the college offers and how it leverages and enhances the reputation of Oregon State University.
  • Raise the awareness, recognition, visibility and reputation of the college with priority external audiences.


Ologie met with a core team that comprised the college’s advancement team (the dean and dean’s assistant, the college’s marketing and communications staff, the director of OCHI and Foundation staff). They reviewed marketing materials and background documents; interviewed more than a dozen COH faculty, staff and students; reviewed the brands of four pees/competitors; and documented and shared all findings, which are available on request.