Sports Injury Prevention Research Group


Injury Surveillance: Scaling Up Student-Athlete Exposure Tracking Using PacTrac

PI: Dr. Marc Norcross
Co-PIs: Dr. Samuel Johnson (OSU) and Dr. Christopher Scaffidi (OSU)

Project Summary

The objectives of the proposal are to scale PacTrac for use conference-wide, engage stakeholders to develop conference-wide minimum exposure reporting standards for each sport, and assess the implementation feasibility of those standards using PacTrac. Upon completion, the project will provide the Conference and its member schools with the flexible exposure reporting system needed to harness the full potential of the Pac-12’s Sports Injury Registry Management and Analytics Program (SIRMAP) to support local and conference-wide improvements in student-athlete health and wellness.



Injury Surveillance: How much is enough? Enhancing the precision of team injury estimates using detailed athlete exposure information

PI: Dr. Marc Norcross
Co-PIs: Dr. Samuel Johnson & Dr. Viktor Bovbjerg

Project Summary

In the first funding cycle of the Grant Program, the Pac-12 funded the creation of a conference-wide sports injury database with the help of Presagia Sports, an Athlete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) platform. The database enables Conference doctors and athletic trainers to analyze the prevalence of sports injuries and conduct investigations on aspects of injury management such as prevention, treatment, and concussion assessment. In conjunction with the advent of the conference-wide database, the results of the OSU project will provide essential evidence that the Pac-12 can immediately use as a basis for deciding what level of athletic exposure data should be captured in order to harness the full potential of the new database.