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Sexual and Reproductive Health Equity Consortium

August 2022

Study examines adult health and behavior of chronic child sexual abuse survivors

Chronic experiences are more likely to lead to adverse health and life achievement outcomes in adults than single instances of childhood sexual trauma. Read full story at Synergies.

June 2022

Zoom-based mindfulness group proves feasible intervention for post-cancer sexual health

Without intervention there are a lot of people who are just out there dealing with post-cancer sexual health, feeling like they’re alone. Read full story at Synergies.

June 2020

Oregon's gender-affirming health care policies are not fully realized in practice

While Oregon ranks highly nationwide for its gender-affirming policies and health care for transgender women, many of those polices are not fully realized in practice, a recent study from Oregon State University found. Read full story at News-Medical.

November 2020

Lights, Camera – Take Action! A telenovela intervention for LGBTQ youth turns isolation and change

As a result of ENLACE, Jonathan says Latinx youth will be better equipped to understand the struggles of LGBTQ+ youth by drawing on their own experiences of marginalization, including immigration status, poverty and more. Read full story at Synergies.

March 2020

Helping the Vulnerable and the Marginalized

Understanding the social factors that impact HIV prevention and treatment. Read full story at Terra Research Magazine.

March, 2018

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors Often Struggle With Reproductive and Sexual Health Concerns

For many adolescents and young adults (AYAs), the most distressing and troubling phase of the cancer continuum that began with diagnosis is survivorship, and among the toughest challenges are those involving sexual health and reproduction Read full story at The ASCO Post.

October 2017

Public health students see the world through a different lens

Seven CPHHS undergraduate students had a memorable summer overseas in Bangalore, India. The students gained a new perspective as they saw public health in action alongside their faculty advisor, Assistant Professor Jonathan Garcia. Read full story at Synergies.

November 2015

OSU provides safe spaces for students on campus

Offering safe spaces to at-risk groups could create positive health outcomes according to associate professor in the school of biological and population health sciences Jonathan Garcia. In his study with other researchers, safe spaces could help prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Read full story at Orange Media Network.

November 2015

Safe spaces play important role in community-based HIV prevention, research finds

The creation and sustainment of "safe spaces" may play a critical role in community-based HIV prevention efforts by providing social support and reducing environmental barriers for vulnerable populations, a new study from an Oregon State University researcher has found. Read full story at Medical Xpress.

Autumn 2014

In distinguished company

Now the recipient of OSU’s Distinguished Professor title (granted to only two faculty members every year) for her trailblazing work in reproductive and sexual health, Marie is credited for both advancing the fields of sexually transmitted infection and pregnancy prevention in women and helping shift the academic focus from the health of women, independent of men, to the health of men and women, both, as a means of stopping disease transmission and unwanted pregnancy.
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