Megan MacDonald, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Research interests

Movement and physical activity are essential components in a healthy lifestyle for individuals at any age and ability. My research interests are related to how motor skills and physically active lifestyles improve the lives of children and youth with and without disabilities. I have a specific research interest in the movement skills of children with autism spectrum disorder including how to improve motor skills for children with autism and how motor skills interact with social communication skills.

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Byungmo Ku "Ku", MS, RCEP

Ph.D. candidate (4th year)

Ku is a PhD candidate in Kinesiology focused on adapted physical activity. He received his master's degree from University of Texas at Austin and bachelor's degree from university of Seoul, S.Korea.

His research interest area includes but is not limited to families of children with disabilities and motor skill development in individuals with disabilities. He is particularly interested in parental behaviors of parents of children with ASD and its impacts on motor skill development in their child.

Beyond his research interests, he has two children and likes biking and swimming.

Kathleen McCarty, MA, CPT, CIFT

Ph.D. student (2nd year)

Kathy earned her Masters in Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science from San Diego State University. Her thesis and projects involved older adult falls efficacy and center of pressure, inclusion practices at the local YMCA, and founding the adaptive athletics program at San Diego State. Kathy recently represented the USA in China on the 2016-2017 US Ladies Rink Hockey team. She is currently a PhD Student within the Kinesiology program (Adapted Physical Activity option) at OSU.

Amelia (Chloe) Simpson, MS

Ph.D. student (1st year)

Amelia (Chloe) Simpson is a first year doctoral student in Kinesiology with an option in Adapted Physical Activity. She completed her bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Science at California State University, Sacramento while working at the Autism Center for Excellence located on the CSUS campus.

During her Master’s program at OSU, she taught adapted physical education to all grade levels in the Lebanon Community School District, while working on a NIH funded project, Do As I Do, focused on examining a physical activity intervention for children with and without developmental disabilities and their family dog, which was featured in OSU’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences newsletter, Synergies.

In her Ph.D. she continues to provide behavioral support, train staff, and leads groups of participants in the weekly physical activity program for individuals with disabilities, called the Individualized Movement and Physical Activity for Children Today (IMPACT) program. Additionally, Chloe serves as a graduate teaching assistant to a variety of courses offered at OSU.

Her research interests include physical activity and motor skill development for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and behavior management and lesson implementation in the general physical education and adapted physical education setting. Outside of school Chloe has a passion for all forms of physical activity, but specifically for her herd of bikes.

Ming-Chih (Darren) Sung, M.Ed

Ph.D. student (1st year)

Ming-Chih (Darren) is a first-year doctoral student in Kinesiology with the option in Adapted Physical Activity. He obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physical Education from National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan.

His research interests primarily focus on the effects of physical activity and exercise intervention on physical fitness, motor skill and executive function in children with and without disabilities. On top of that, his master's thesis used event-related potentials (ERP), an assessment of neuroelectrical brain signals, to better understand the influence of exercise intervention on executive function in children with ASD.

Jodi Stinson, BKinH

MS student (2nd year)

Jodi is a second year Master’s student in Kinesiology (Adapted Physical Activity) at Oregon State University. Originally, she is from Canada and earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours) with Nutrition at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Her undergraduate thesis focused on how diet and physical activity influence behavior in children with ASD and ADHD.