Dog Training Program Study for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Children & Youth with Disabilities Lab

We are inviting children with developmental disabilities, their guardians, and their family dog to participate in our study by attending our Dog Training Program.

Upcoming study dates


Corvallis, Spring 2023

  • Assessments: 1 session once per family between April 4 and April 14
  • Dog training classes: 1-hour sessions twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) from April 25 through May 25
  • Assessments: 1 session once per family between May 30 and June 8


Corvallis, Summer 2023

  • Assessments: 1 session once per family between July 17 and July 24
  • Dog training classes: 1-hour sessions twice weekly (Tuesdays and Thursdays) from July 25 through August 24
  • Assessments: 1 session once per family between August 25 and August 31


Other locations

Summer dog training study programs are also available in Portland and Seattle.


1st assessment

Participation begins with an initial assessment. During that assessment, guardians will fill out questionnaires and verbally answer questions about themselves, their dog, and their child. Children will also complete questionnaires and participate in simple behavioral assessments, along with their dog.



After these assessments, each child and dog pair will be randomly assigned to one of two groups, the “intervention group” and the “waitlist control group”.

Intervention group

The intervention group will receive 10 sessions of individualized training in the Do as I Do (DAID) dog training method. Each session lasts about one hour, and each child has their own personal trainer(s) who works one-on-one with only them and their dog.

Waitlist control group

The waitlist control group will not attend the dog training program but will be offered the opportunity to attend the following year.


2nd assessment

After the dog training class program study ends, all participants, including those in the waitlist control group, are asked to return for a second assessment that is very similar to the first.


3rd assessment

All participants are also asked to return one year later for a third assessment. At that time, children in the control group will be invited to participate in the dog training program study. Those who attend will be asked to return for a fourth and final assessment immediately after finishing the program.


Gift cards

At each assessment, participants are given a $25 gift card.



The intervention dog training program takes place during winter, spring, and summer quarters at Oregon State University in Corvallis and also in Portland and Seattle during summer.



For more information please contact:

Program Manager
Saethra Darling, PhD
(541) 737-8117

Megan MacDonald, Ph.D.

Monique Udell, Ph.D.

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