Psychosocial Physical Activity Laboratory

Community Partners


Playworks is a national non-profit organization that promotes and facilitates safe and healthy play for children in schools. The 2PLAY lab has partnered with Playworks to developed and validate the Great Recess Framework – Observational Tool and to continue efforts to study the effects of a high-quality recess.


Milwaukee Public Schools

Student Wellness and Prevention in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

The office of student wellness and prevention oversees health, wellness, and physical education at Milwaukee Public Schools. The 2PLAY lab partners with MPS to conduct research on the quality of elementary school recess and the impacts of recess on physical, social, and behavioral health.


Coaching Peace

The focus of Coaching Peace is to create positive and safe cultures that empower its members to lead with empathy and understanding. The 2PLAY lab is partnering with Coaching Peace to design and conduct action research projects that examine equity in the context of sport and physical activity.


Jackson Street Youth Services

Jackson Street Youth Services (JSYS) is a non-profit organization that serves homeless, runaway, and other youth in crisis in Benton and Linn Counties in Oregon. The 2PLAY lab partners with JSYS to facilitate a physical activity and positive youth development program at OSU.


Research Partners