Kelly Yee

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Portrait of Kelly Yee

Kelly Yee

Internship course
Public health, BS
Intern site name
The Corvallis Clinic

What inspired or interested you about your field of study?

As a future nurse, I chose the health promotion and health behavior option to best advocate for and empower my patients to take control of their health.  

Public health and nursing both advocate for the health of communities by addressing health disparities. This major and option align perfectly for me because it inspires me to be a nurse who helps bridge these gaps. 

Where did you complete your internship? What projects did you work on?

In my internship at The Corvallis Clinic, I did a variety of projects including creating health education materials, health outreach and projects that helped optimize the EMR system we use at the clinic. 

One project I particularly enjoyed was designing a scavenger hunt on fire safety and mitigating hazards in the workplace that the company used for the annual OSHA Safety Break Fair. 

What was your biggest takeaway? 

My biggest takeaway from this internship is that collaborative leadership and teamwork are vital to success. Working collaboratively helps to increase communication, reduce mistakes and promotes a sense of togetherness that is key to achieving goals! 

Do you have plans for what comes after graduation?  

Yes! I will be starting the accelerated BSN program at OHSU this fall.