Kamryn Lopez

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Photo of Kamryn Lopez standing on a bridge

Kamryn Lopez

Internship course
Public health, MPH
Intern site name
Botswana Global Health Initiative

What inspired or interested you about your field of study?

I have always had a passion for preventative medicine, so the field of public health just made sense.

What did you work on during your internship?

I worked on the sexual and reproductive health (SRH) project with the Botswana Global Health Initiative. This was a school-based program that taught an SRH curriculum to students and their caregivers.

I had the opportunity to lead some of the curricula, facilitate focus group discussions, collect survey data, as well as transcribe, code and analyze qualitative data.

What do you see as the greatest value of your internship?

The greatest value I got from the internship was learning how to create and maintain sustainable relationships with community members and other community partners. It was also amazing to get to put all the skills learned in the classroom into practice. You can only learn so much in a classroom environment.

What do you think of your experience at OSU / in the college so far? Any stand-out experiences?

So far my experience at OSU has been amazing. The faculty and staff make sure to support students through their academic experience.