Bret Belingham

Bret Bellingham is an intern at Housing Options Scotland (HOS). This internship will complete his degree in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences from Oregon State University. His focus for his degree is studying community project planning and human services for representing demographics on community, state, and national levels.

During his last year at Oregon State University he worked with College Hill High School, an organization that provides counseling and empowerment skills to teens who are struggling in school or in trouble with the law. Bret is passionate about helping people who may otherwise be judged or overlooked in society. He wants to make a career out of working in community planning, to represent demographics that often get overlooked. Bret loves to make a difference in the community he lives in by helping others feel supported and empowered in their lives. Each individual in his opinion is an important part of a successful community.

Tera Stegner

Tera Stegner '10 now works at the site she interned at, Grace Center for Adult Day Services. In addition to helping seniors with long-term care and maintaining quality of life, she wants to change how our culture views aging so people can embrace older adulthood.



    Erin Chapman

    In Fall 2014 Erin Chapman had the amazing opportunity of spending three months in Cambodia working as an intern for a non-profit NGO called Cambodian Organization for Children and Development.




    Katherine LarsenKatherine Larsen, a recent OSU graduate, interned with IE3 in Cape Town, South Africa during the summer of 2014 at the Cape Town Refugee Centre. Majoring in Human Development and Family Sciences through the College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Katherine was able to help counsel and provide guidance to refugees in the small community of Observatory. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Social Work graduate degree from Portland State University and plans to focus her career on clinical social work with the intent to work abroad in the future.

    Read about the ups and downs of returning from a life-changing IE3 Global Internship in Katherine's post "Back to the real world".