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Setting up your Human Services internship in HDFS is a 4-step process:

1. Gather information and choose your internship site
2. Complete the Intent-to-Place Agreement
3. Work with your site to complete the Learning Plan
4. Register for the course and BEGIN your internship



1. Gather information and choose your internship site

Selecting a site for your field education experience

The Internship Coordinator’s Office has gathered information from the local and regional sites on these lists, and spent years building relationships with their managers and staff in order to ensure compatibility with our learning objectives and program requirements. Students are strongly encouraged, though not required, to choose a field education site from this list.


Getting a new site approved

Want to do your internship at a site not on our list?  Students are permitted to make arrangements to do an internship with an agency or organization not on our approved site list, however you must be even more organized and begin the process MUCH EARLIER (one entire term earlier), to allow time for the Instructor/Internship Coordinator to make contact with the site, review their materials, and ensure compliance with our program. The first step to getting a new site approved is to reach out to that site by phone and find out if they would be willing to work with you as a student. If they are willing, then you or a staff person at the site should email by the following deadlines below to begin the approval process.


Deadlines for New, Not-Yet-Approved Sites
To serve your internship in: You, or your prospective site, must email the HDFS Instructor/Internship Coordinator by these dates TWO TERMS PRIOR:
Fall 5:00pm Friday Week 3, Spring term
Winter 5:00pm Friday Week 3, Summer (main session)
Spring 5:00pm Friday Week 3, Fall term
Summer 5:00pm Friday Week 3, Winter term


2. Complete the Intent-to-Place Agreement

The Intent-to-Place Agreement (pdf) represents the formal agreement between the student and their chosen site to work together for the practicum or internship. This agreement is downloadable here, and should only be submitted to the Waldo 474 lockbox once both the student and Field Mentor have committed to the placement and thoroughly read and signed this document.

This Intent-to-Place Agreement serves as a placeholder for your place in the corresponding seminar class for the term of your practicum/internship and begins the process of negotiating your Learning Plan which is due just two weeks later. Please note that the Intent-to-Place Agreement should only be completed with a site that is already on the HDFS Approved Site List. For new sites, as discussed above under “Getting a New Site Approved”, the approval process must begin a full term earlier (two terms prior to field placement) in order for the site to be vetted and, if approved, added to the approved site list.


Intent-to-place agreement deadlines for approved sites
To serve your internship in: Your intent-to-place agreement is due by these dates THE TERM PRIOR:
Fall 5 p.m. Friday Week 3, Summer (main session)
Winter 5 p.m. Friday Week 3, Fall term
Spring 5 p.m. Friday Week 3, Winter term
Summer 5 p.m. Friday Week 3, Spring term


3. Work with your site to complete the Learning Plan & Evaluation Tool.

Students applying for an approved site should begin working with their site to complete the Learning Plan & Evaluation Tool as early as possible, right after or at the same time that you submit the Intent-to-Place Agreement. NOTE: Students applying for a new, not-yet-approved site should not invest a great deal of time in completing the Learning Plan until they find out from the Instructor/Internship Coordinator whether their site has been approved (there is plenty of time for this due to the earlier deadline for new sites).

NOTE: The Learning Plan will not be accepted if the student has not submitted the Intent-to-Place Agreement by the prior deadline (as above).

Download the "Learning Plan & Evaluation Tool" for 310 or 410 from this folder on Box. This document requires careful consideration and adequate time for consultation with your Field Mentor to complete. This form asks you and your Field Mentor to give in-depth thought to how the learning activities available to you as a student at the site will align with the required learning outcomes of our program. This form must be fully and thoroughly completed, signed by you and your Field Mentor, and submitted by the deadline in order to move forward with completing your field work.

Due: 5:00pm Friday of Week Five the term prior to your internship. Early submissions are welcome and appreciated! The HDFS Instructor/Internship Coordinator will review your Learning Plan in detail and respond to you with any required revisions. You will have from the time of receipt until 5:00pm Friday of Week Nine to make the necessary revisions and re-submit your document. By the end of Week Eleven you will hear back as to the status of your submission and receive an override to enroll in the appropriate field education course for the upcoming term


(early submissions welcome!)
Required Revisions Due Students Notified & Enrollment Overrides Sent by Coordinator
Winter Friday 5pm of WK5, prior Fall term Friday 5pm of WK9, three weeks later Friday 5pm of WK11
Spring Friday 5pm of WK5, prior Winter term
Summer Friday 5pm of WK5, prior Spring term
Fall Friday 5pm of WK5, prior Summer term (main session)


4. Register for the course and BEGIN your practicum/internship.

Once your Learning Plan & Evaluation Tool has been approved by the HDFS Internship Coordinator’s Office, you will be issued a registration over ride through the Registrar's Office that enables you to enroll for the HDFS 310 or 410 course.