Is your agency interested in hosting an HDFS Human Services student intern?

Thank you for your interest in providing our students with the opportunity to learn under your mentorship and supervision.  This page outlines the process for becoming an approved field education site for students majoring in HDFS/Human Services.


Eligibility of Field Mentors and partnering agencies

  • Be an agency that performs human services activities. For more information on what human services is, please visit the National Organization for Human Services.
  • Provide a direct supervisor (with a bachelor’s degree or higher) who is able to dedicate time to mentor one or more students. Preferably, this person will hold a degree in one of the many fields of human services. In addition, this person must be employed by the agency and cannot be a volunteer.
  • Provide interns the opportunity to deliver direct services, under supervision, to individuals, families, or groups who are being served by the agency.
  • Provide interns the opportunity to analyze the needs of clients, develop goals, and design and implement a plan of action. 
  • Have no legal or ethical investigations or violations in process.
  • Capacity and commitment to abide by all minimum standards for mentorship, supervision, and training as described in our Handbook
  • Acceptance of all policies and requirements stated in our program documents including:
    • Affiliation Agreement
    • Intent-to-Place Agreement
    • Learning Plan & Evaluation Tool
  • Location within a 2-hour drive of Corvallis campus (due to the requirement for students to attend the bi-weekly field seminars throughout the duration of their placement).


Applying to Become an HDFS Partner Site

Following is a description of the steps involved in a site becoming approved as a new field placement partner.

Step 1

Initiation of the approval process can begin in one of two ways:

1) A student is interested in placing with the site and, after confirming the site’s willingness, s/he works with the prospective site to complete and submit the Intent-to-Place Agreement (pdf), or

2) A site is interested in partnering to host field students ongoing, and reaches out to our program via phone or email.


Step 2

In the first case, given a student’s submission of the ITPP, the Instructor/Internship Coordinator will review the information submitted and contact the prospective site to gather more information and arrange for a site visit. The Coordinator will also keep the student informed of the progress.


Step 3

In the second case, if a site makes contact directly with the program, the Coordinator will request that the prospective partner familiarize themselves with the information available on our website, and to complete the brief online interest form.


Step 4

Once that form is received electronically, the Coordinator will review the information submitted and contact the prospective site to gather more information and arrange for a site visit.


Step 5

The Instructor/Internship Coordinator will schedule and conduct a site visit with the prospective partner, and further discuss their interest and capacity.


Step 6

If, at this point, both site and Coordinator feel the partnership is a fit and mutually beneficial then the site will be asked to complete the following:


Step 7

The student would be notified of the site’s approval and invited to proceed with collaborative completion of the Learning Plan & Evaluation Tool, by the established deadline, for an upcoming placement.


Step 8

The new partner site would be added to our online list of Approved Field Sites.