The experiences students gain through practica and internships are invaluable and your expertise and guidance provide them a strong foundation in their development as human services professionals. We are extremely honored and proud to partner with so many outstanding human services organizations to provide this high-impact educational offering!




Benefits of having an intern

  • Interns bring new ideas and perspectives
  • Expand your pool of qualified potential hires 
  • Potentially increase retention: interns hired after internships are more likely to stay with theagency (NACE, 2012, Experiential Education Survey)
  • Provide practical skills and knowledge to incoming professionals; shape and promote the field of Human Services
  • Potential cost savings in training, recruiting, and evaluating potential employees
  • Support OSU HDFS students and the community


Inappropriate Activities for Interns 

We encourage all site supervisors to fully understand and follow the Department of Labor's Fair Labor Standards Act fact sheet #71,  titled Internship Programs Under The Fair Labor Standards Act (pdf)

Other inappropriate activities for interns include: 

  • Clerical or housekeeping activities as the primary function of their internship.
  • Childcare as the primary function of their internship. 
  • Providing services to clients with no supervisor available.
  • Transporting a client in their personal vehicle.
  • Visiting a client in the client's home without an agency staff person present.
  • Academic research.
  • Activities that conflict with required seminar/course attendance. Students cannot miss seminars due to internship responsibilities.




Field Mentor Responsibilities

By having an OSU HDFS intern, the Field Mentor agrees to:

  • Orient the intern to the agency/firm/school, including any training normally given to new employees at the professional level.
  • Provide opportunities for the fulfillment of the Intern’s goals
  • When necessary, work in cooperation with the Intern and the Instructor/Internship Coordinator to revise Intern goals.
  • Provide individual guidance and supervise the Intern’s work during the field placement.
  • Schedule a midterm conference to discuss the Intern’s work performance and analyze strengths and problems.
  • Facilitate, whenever feasible, the Intern’s participation in staff/employee activities of a professional nature.
  • Confer with the Instructor/Internship Coordinator on any problems or ways in which the Instructor/Internship Coordinator may assist with the achievement of the Intern’s goals.
  • Complete a written evaluation of the Intern at the middle and end of the term.
  • Meet with the intern to discuss weekly assignments, with the understanding that it is the intern’s responsibility to initiate these meetings.


Criminal Background Check Policy

It is not OSU policy to perform background checks on all OSU students, and OSU does not certify or vouch for the background of the students who participate in this internship. Accordingly, you must conduct your own background check or require the student to obtain a background check, if you would like to determine fitness for duty using that information.