HDFS Practicum & Internship Sites

Students completing an HDFS practicum or internship are responsible for investigating, selecting, and securing their own placement, similar to an actual job-search process. However, the HDFS Internship Coordinator’s Office provides several tools and resources to assist in this process including this extensive list of approved and recommended sites.


Selecting a site for your field education experience

The Internship Coordinator’s Office has gathered information from the local and regional sites on these lists, and spent years building relationships with their managers and staff in order to ensure compatibility with our learning objectives and program requirements.

Students are strongly encouraged, though not required, to choose a field education site from this list.



Getting a new site approved

Want to do your internship at a site not on our list?

Students are permitted to make arrangements to do an internship with an agency or organization not on our approved site list, however you must be even more organized and begin the process earlier, to allow time for the Instructor/Internship Coordinator to make contact with the site, review their materials, and ensure compliance with our program. The first step to getting a new site approved is to reach out to that site by phone and find out if they would be willing to work with you as a student. If they are willing, then you or a staff person at the site should email the HDFS internship coordinator by the following deadlines below to begin the approval process.