H410 Internship Policy for Education Double Degree Students

The policy below applies to students who are:

  • In the Education Double Degree program in the College of Education with the following as their two majors:

    First Major:  Public Health, with an option in Health Promotion and Health Behavior 

    Second Major: Education with Health as the Content Mastery selection

    H410 Requirements with Student Teaching

  • Students will be able to count 180 hours of their 360 H410 hours with the student teaching by meeting the requirements below. Coaching and PE courses cannot count as hours.
  • Complete H476 and H407 at least one term before the student teaching begins.
  • Prior to the student teaching, create a plan for distributing the H410 credits that will be incorporated into the student teaching in coordination with the Public Health Undergraduate Internship Coordinator, CPHHS Advisor, COE advisor, and the school you will be placed.  Determine how many credits to register for each term.  The total H410 credits at the end of the student teaching year should equal 12 credits, 180 hours of Public Health projects and 180 hours of student teaching. The credits can be divided between 2 or 3 terms.
  • The student will meet with their placement school at least one term before starting H410, to complete Form A and discuss Public Health projects that will fulfill the H410 requirement and learning competencies.
  • Form A will be emailed to the Public Health Undergraduate Internship Coordinator by Monday of Finals Week, the term prior to the internship, to receive an override to register for H410.  If the projects and preceptor stay the same, Form A does not have to be resubmitted each term.  If the preceptor and projects change, Form A will have to be resubmitted each term of the H410 internship.
  • During the student teaching hours (180 to count for H410), the student will complete 2-3 write-ups total (for the 180 hours) to include in the “Summary of Internship Experience” in the Final Portfolio. 
  • Each write-up will consist of:
    • A 2-3 page double-spaced analysis of public health evidence based programs that correlate to a specific lesson plan topic (mental health promotion, bullying, substance abuse prevention, etc.
  • For the remaining 180 hours, the student will complete Public Health projects, and the paperwork and assignments (Forms C, D, E,  and Final Portfolio) for each internship term.