1. What are the prerequisites to the H410 internship?

The prerequisites are H407 and H476 for HPHB, H407 and H436 for HMP and H407 for ESH/EOH) , in order to register for H410. This is a standard policy.  Form A serves that purpose, to check for prerequisites, and appropriate internship sites and activities, in order to approve an internship.


2. How do I know if an internship site would be acceptable?

Please see the Internship Requirements section of the H410 website. Internships that do not count for H410 include internships that are clinical (working directly on patients), individual (not community based) faculty research focused, firefighting/EMT, telecommuting, door to door soliciting, or coaching, athletic training/kinesiology focused.


3. How many hours do I need to fulfill the Internship Requirement?

A total of 360 hours are required for the HMP or HPHB option, which can be completed in one term for 12 credits, or two terms with approximately 180 hours each term, 6 credits each term. For the revised EOH minor, it is 9 credits, 270 hours.


4. I already did my internship but I still need upper division credits, can I do another H410?

Yes! You as long as you are not a double option (HMP and HPHB) or have the ESH/EOH minor.  H410 can be taken for up to 24 credits.  If you have done your required 12 credit internship and need upper division credits, you can do another 12 credit H410 or you can do a 6 credit H410.


5. I am a double option, HMP and HPHB, do I have to do two separate internships?

No, you would complete one and a half internships, for 18 credits and 540 hours.  This would be done over two terms, and would incorporate both HMP and HPHB competencies from Form C.


6. I am HPHB or HMP and I have an ESH/EOH minor, do I have to do two separate internships? 

Yes, you need to do two separate internships, one that satisfies the HMP or HPHB project requirements and one that satisfies the ESH/EOH project requirements.


7. How do I get an override and register for H410?

Overrides for domestic internships are provided after Form A is submitted. You cannot register for domestic internships, H410,  without following this process.  If you are doing an IE3 internship, you still submit Form A by the deadline, but IE3 registers you.  

  1. Email Form A to Karen Elliott Karen.Elliott@oregonstate.edu by the deadline.
  2. You will receive a reply email saying the override will be processed and wait approximately 48 hours before going online to register.
  3. Wait 48 hours from emailing Form A and then go online to register for H410.
  4. Search for the CRN for H410 and the correct section (HPHB, HMP, ESH/EOH) using the OSU course catalog
  5. Change the 1 credit to 6 or 12 credits
  6. You have up until the first week of the term that you are doing your internship, to register, please just check with the Registrar's Office regarding late fee dates.  Late registration after week 1 will  only be approved at the discretion of the Internship Coordinator.
  7. When you are attempting to register, if you receive an error message, please double check the CRN and section using the course catalog.
  8. Please note: We do not have student PINs, you have to contact your academic advisor directly to receive your PIN.


8. When can I start and finish my internship?

The official start date of an internship is the first day of the academic term, and the end date is Tuesday of Finals Week.  There is the option to start early, before the start of the term, as long as you are registered for H410.  All due dates follow the academic calendar.


9. If I am doing an International Internship through IE3, who signs my Form A?

Your IE3 Advisor can sign your Form A to submit by Wednesday of Week 8 before the internship term.  Please see the Internship Requirements section of the H410 website for more information.


10.  How do I submit the paperwork?

All Forms except the initial Form A are submitted by directly uploading them to Canvas.


11. I am splitting my internship between two terms, what paperwork do I need to complete?

All of the paperwork is duplicated for each internship term.  If you are staying in the same site, and your preceptor has not changed, you do not need to submit a new Form A.


12. How can I pick up extra hours?

There are optional assignments in the portfolio template that you can complete for extra hours.  These are submitted by Tuesday of Finals Week.  Opportunities should be free to the student.  Please see the portfolio for specific instructions. Some specific examples of professional development to count as extra hours include:

  • Free webinars from credible sources, including the CDC webinars and APHA webinars.
  • American College of Healthcare Executives Online Webinars and Seminars.
  • Identify free/low cost workshops, trainings, conferences, etc. to attend.
  • Informational interviews and/or job shadows.
  • Attend meetings, committee meetings, etc.
  • Read Leadership/Professional Development books.
  • Revise the internship portfolio to be a professional showcase of your academic career.  This can include expanding on sections, including past course examples, changing the visual appearance and even making it a digital portfolio.  This could include seeking out on campus resources to learn new software, programming, and technical skills.


13. Can I count my job, academic faculty research or previous experiences as my internship?

The internship must be separate from a current job, with separate projects, hours and preferably a separate supervisor.

Past experiences cannot be counted for the internship.  You must be registered for the term you plan to complete your internship to receive credit.

Individual faculty research not related to community outreach is considered independent academic research and not an internship. It can be counted for an arranged research project, H406, please see the Internship Coordinator for more information.


14. Why do I have to be done by Tuesday of Finals Week?  Can I finish my internship after the term and take an Incomplete?

All requirements need to be submitted by Tuesday of Finals Week in order to submit a grade and finalize the graduation application process.  If you take an incomplete, note that you would need to change your graduation term to the next term, and change your graduation application.


15. If I finish my internship early, can I request that my grade be entered in early, so I can get my diploma early?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you need proof of graduation early.