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H310 is an introductory field experience in a health or health-related worksite. Graded P/N. For those accepted into the full Public Health major only. Students will not be placed in a site. It is strongly encouraged that you secure a site before the term begins (documentation is due the second week of the practicum term). 

Please note: If you are still a pre-major, you need to wait to be accepted into the full major before registering for this course.

H310 can be taken for 3 credits (minimum of 45 hours of service) or 6 credits (minimum of 90 hours of service) only. Due to the requirements, other credit amounts are not an option. 

Please see the syllabus and documents below for further information on the requirements and assignments.

Practicum Forms: 2018 - 2019

  • Please Note: To ensure a successful experience for you and the site, please secure a site the term before you plan to take H310.

Week 1 of the Practicum Term:

Week 2 of the Practicum Term:

Week 5 of the Practicum Term:

Week 8 of the Practicum Term:

Week 10 of the Practicum Term:

Practicum Policies, Site Suggestions & How to Apply:

The following source is also helpful with finding opportunities: Center for Civic Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have a question? Be sure to look through the H310 FAQ first.