Population, Social and Individual Health

Research core

Center for Healthy Aging Research

Researchers in the Population, Social and Individual Health Core investigate aging individuals and families in societies across the life span.

Research in this core focuses on stress and coping, personality and self-regulation, health behaviors, caregiving and support across the lifespan, and the interface between physical, psychological, and social well-being.

Population, Social and Individual Health Core faculty and research interests

Carolyn Aldwin, Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Stress and coping; stress-related growth
  • Changes in mental and physical health across the lifespan

Harold Bae, Biostatistics

  • Genomics of aging and longevity

Sally Bowman, OSU Extension Family and Community Health; Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Caregiving across the lifespan
  • Family processes in coping with caregiving

Kelly Chandler, Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Daily work and family experiences, health, and well-being of adults, primarily in midlife
  • Spillover and crossover processes among employed adults and their family members

Cathleen Brown Crowell, Kinesiology

  • Biomechanics of postural stability, movement and movement kinematics and kinetics in fall prevention, joint replacements, and osteoarthritis.

Larry Gilley, Health Management and Policy

  • Health care management and administration, especially in long-term care facilities.

Regan A. R. Gurung, School of Psychological Science

  • Using age as a variable to explore prejudice, sexism, and learning and developmental differences.

Karen Hooker, Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Personality and self  processes as related to mental and physical health
  • Processes of intraindividual change during transitions

Veronica Irvin, Health Promotion and Health Behavior

  • I examine health literacy and communication methods in order to better understand how people manage their health.

Deborah John, Biological and Population Health Sciences

  • Conducting CBPR to generate and transfer knowledge of the intersection between healthy aging and rural place
  • Exploring how attributes of people and attributes of place interact to differently affect health, health behavior, and lifespan wellbeing of diverse populations

Hyosin (Dawn) Kim, Health Management & Policy

  • Exploring health care systems and social supports for people with serious and terminal illnesses and their caregivers.
  • Areas of interest include disparity in health care access, access to home-based primary and palliative care for persons with multi-comorbidities and limitations, and culturally tailored care for health equity.

Tao Li, Health Management and Policy

  • Health disparity for low-income individuals, patient-centered medical home, and health care financing and quality

Mei-Ching Lien, Department of Psychology

  • Age related differences in executive control and attentional processes
  • Cognitive processing limitations for multitasking

David Rothwell, Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Poverty, families, and social policy across the lifespan. Much of this work compares policies and institutuional frameworks between the U.S., Canada and other OECD countries.

Suzanne Segerstrom, Human Development and Family Sciences

  • The influence of individual differences in personality, cognition, and emotion on psychological health and physiological functions

Richard Settersten, Human Development and Family Sciences

  • Social meanings and uses of age; effects of historical events, social change, and demographic change on aging and the life course
  • Efforts to control human aging: perspectives of scientists, providers, and consumers; social implications

Aurora Sherman, Department of Psychology

  • Lifespan social development and socialization patterns
  • Adjustments to chronic illness in older adulthood

Ellen Smit, Public Health

  • Diet, Metabolism, and physical activity in relation to chronic disease
  • HIV infection in diverse populations


(Post-Docs, Research Faculty, or  Faculty from other Universities)

  • Soyoung Choun, School of Social and Behavioral Health Sciences, Human Development