Musculoskeletal Core

Researchers in the Musculoskeletal Core maintain a preventative and rehabilitative focal point by investigating ways to preserve functioning, prevent disability and optimize overall well being through the lifespan. Current areas of investigation in this core include innovative research in mobility, balance, strength and bone density, as well as behavioral interventions to promote exercise.

Urszula Iwaniec, PhD

Urszula Iwaniec, PhD

Musculoskeletal Core Director

Musculoskeletal Core faculty and research interests

Katherine Gunter, Oregon State Extension Service, Kinesiology

  • Prevention of falls
  • Exercise and lifespan bone health

Urszula Iwaniec, Nutrition

  • Regulation of bone metabolism, with special emphasis on interaction of hormones, genetics and lifestyle factors on bone physiology

Sean Newsom, Kinesiology

  • Whole-body and skeletal muscle insulin sensitivity, skeletal muscle lipid and mitochondrial metabolism, acute exercise and chronic exercise training.

Michael Pavol, Kinesiology

  • Application of biomechanics to fall and hip fracture prevention
  • Exercise interventions against osteoporosis

Matt Robinson, Kinesiology

  • Skeletal muscle protein turnover, mitochondrial metabolism, insulin resistance, exercise

Russell Turner, Nutrition

  • Regulation of bone mass; disease modeling
  • Effects of alcohol on bone metabolism