Human-centered design and technology research core

Human-centered design and technology

Center for Healthy Aging Research

Research core

We are developing and examining supportive technologies that enhance the living experience for aging adults. Research is centered on two areas: developing gerontechnological solutions for older adults and their families and investigating the social and ethical implications of using gerontechnology in research, health care and society.


Bill Smart, Ph.D., MSc

Bill Smart, Ph.D. MSc
Core Director
Human-Centered Design and Technology Core


Human-Centered Design and Technology Core faculty and research interests

Michael Bailey, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

  • Computer graphics; multiresolution techniques for visualizing and searching large volume datasets
  • Solid freeform fabrication for visualization hardcopy

Michelle Barnhart, College of Business

  • Ways in which providers of products and services treat older consumers like stereotypical “old people”
  • How older consumers, family members and paid caregivers create value in caregiving

Naomi Fitter, MIME / Robotics Program

  • Physical human-robot interaction, socially assistive robotics, haptics, robots in education, and robotic entertainers

David Hurwitz, Civil & Construction Engineering

  • Research in the areas of transportation user behavior, driving and bicycling simulation, transportation safety and engineering education.

Carlos Jensen, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

  • Usable privacy and security (HCISec)
  • Online decision-making concerning privacy and security understandable and meaningful to users

Christopher Scaffidi, Computer Science

  • How older people can create and receive benefits for one another through shared use of data
  • Design of technologies that older people will find usable and want to adopt

Bill Smart, MIME / Robotics Program

  • Robots and robotic technologies to support people living with disabilities.
  • Policy, legal, and privacy uses in the adoption, use, and regulation of new technologies.