Katharine M. Hunter-Zaworski, P.E.  

Katharine Hunter-Zaworski

Core Director
Human-Centered Design
and Technology Core

Human-Centered Design and Technology Core researchers develop and examine innovations in supportive technologies to enhance living for older adults in their own homes or in residential facilities.

Research in this core has two foci:

  • 1) the development of gerontechnological solutions to meet the needs of older adults and their families
  • 2) investigating the social and ethical implications of applying gerontechnolgy in research, health care and society



    Human-Centered Design and Technology Core faculty and research interests

    Michael Bailey, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

    • Computer graphics; multiresolution techniques for visualizing and searching large volume datasets
    • Solid freeform fabrication for visualization hardcopy

    Michelle Barnhart, College of Business

    • Ways in which providers of products and services treat older consumers like stereotypical “old people”
    • How older consumers, family members and paid caregivers create value in caregiving

    Hsiou-Lien Chen, Design & Human Environment

    • Characterization of fiber microstructures and their relationship to fiber physical, chemical and mechanical properties; fiber degradation mechanisms
    • Identification of new materials for textile applications; functional textiles for special application

    Patrick Chiang, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

    • Design and implementation of new architectures for mixed signal circuits in deep submicron CMOS.
    • Design of low power, high data rate, parallel I/Os; and the implementation of 20+ GHz, 4-5 bit low power ADCs for limited bandwidth channels

    Katharine Hunter-Zaworski, Civil & Construction Engineering

    • Development of technologies to make travel safe, seamless and dignified for all
    • Human centered research related to all modes of accessible public transportation systems

    David Hurwitz, Civil & Construction Engineering

    • Research in the areas of transportation user behavior, driving and bicycling simulation, transportation safety and engineering education.

      Carlos Jensen, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

      • Usable privacy and security (HCISec)
      • Online decision-making concerning privacy and security understandable and meaningful to users

      Seunghae Lee, Design and Human Environment

      • Interior design for healthy living
      • Architectural visualization for aging research

      Kathy Mullet, Design & Human Environment

      • Thermal regulation of garments
      • Apparel design for healthy aging

      Christopher Scaffidi, Computer Science

      • How older people can create and receive benefits for one another through shared use of data
      • Design of technologies that older people will find usable and want to adopt