We are developing and examining supportive technologies that enhance the living experience for aging adults. Research is centered on two areas: developing gerontechnological solutions for older adults and their families and investigating the social and ethical implications of using gerontechnology in research, health care and society.


Katharine Hunter-Zaworski, Ph.D., P.E. (OR)
Core Director
Human-Centered Design and Technology Core


Human-Centered Design and Technology Core faculty and research interests

Michael Bailey, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

  • Computer graphics; multiresolution techniques for visualizing and searching large volume datasets
  • Solid freeform fabrication for visualization hardcopy

Michelle Barnhart, College of Business

  • Ways in which providers of products and services treat older consumers like stereotypical “old people”
  • How older consumers, family members and paid caregivers create value in caregiving

Brian Bay, Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

  • Orthopedic biomechanics

Hsiou-Lien Chen, Design & Human Environment

  • Characterization of fiber microstructures and their relationship to fiber physical, chemical and mechanical properties; fiber degradation mechanisms
  • Identification of new materials for textile applications; functional textiles for special application

Katharine Hunter-Zaworski, Civil & Construction Engineering

  • Development of technologies to make travel safe, seamless and dignified for all
  • Human centered research related to all modes of accessible public transportation systems

David Hurwitz, Civil & Construction Engineering

  • Research in the areas of transportation user behavior, driving and bicycling simulation, transportation safety and engineering education.

    Carlos Jensen, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

    • Usable privacy and security (HCISec)
    • Online decision-making concerning privacy and security understandable and meaningful to users

    Christopher Scaffidi, Computer Science

    • How older people can create and receive benefits for one another through shared use of data
    • Design of technologies that older people will find usable and want to adopt