Dietetic intern bridges passions for nutrition and helping others

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Rachel Harmon

Dietetic intern bridges passions for nutrition and helping others

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Meet Health Hero Rachel Harmon

From Humboldt County, California, Rachel Harmon is currently working on her dietetic internship full-time while taking courses and working on her capstone project.

What inspired or interested you about dietetics, and why did you choose Oregon State?

I have always found joy and fulfillment in helping others and a passion for nutrition and disease prevention. When I learned about the field of nutrition and dietetics, I knew that I wanted to pursue this as my career because I could help others by doing something I am passionate about.

I applied to OSU’s MS-PD program because it was a program that stood out to me for its major focus on public health.

I also love the location of the college. Having grown up in the PNW, I knew I wanted to remain in this location, and Oregon is somewhere I have always wanted to live.

What do you think of your experience at OSU and in the college so far? Any stand-out experiences?

I feel fortunate to have been matched with OSU. I have had an amazing experience with my program, as well as learning experiences through the capstone project, internship and didactic days. The faculty are amazing and very supportive.

Rachel Harmon
Photo by Maia Farris Tkachuk

Have you had to overcome any challenges in your academic journey?

There have been many obstacles during my academic journey, but by working through each one I have found I am more and more grateful for my ability to adapt and grow and for the support I have from family, faculty and peers.

What are your post-college dreams?

My dream is to work as an RDN in the clinical setting for a few years to gain experience in a variety of different areas, including medical nutrition therapy.  

I hope to then move into working for a non-profit or other community setting where I can be more involved and invested in clients long-term.  

I also have a goal to become a lactation consultant and work for WIC because I find that RDNs in this role have a very important and impactful job.