Human services student has a passion for youth mental health

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Faith Bowen

Human services student has a passion for youth mental health

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Meet Health Hero Faith Bowen

Faith Bowen is of Indigenous Americas-Mexico heritage studying human development and family sciences, human services, and plans to graduate fall 2023.

Why did you choose to study human services at Oregon State?

I chose to study human services because I enjoy helping people and serving the population. I am passionate about prevention for youth, empowering others and advocating for mental health.

Youth are our future, and it’s important to create safe spaces for them to grow, find themselves and develop. It’s important for youth to have adults in their lives who are aware of adultism and stereotypes pushed onto youth.

I transferred to OSU from Western Oregon University because I felt like I didn’t fit in. My friend went to OSU, and I would visit her on the weekends. I found a friend group, and it was so fun to be on campus.

Have you had to overcome any challenges in your academic journey?

I have A.D.D, depression and anxiety and am recovering from anorexia nervosa. Growing up I was often behind in my education.

Can you tell us about your human services internship experience?

I have interned at Old Mill Center and Ophelia’s Place. I’ve enjoyed both these internships, but I fell in love with Ophelia’s Place.

They serve female identifying youth ages 10-18 and offer after- and out-of-school programs, therapy, workshops, summer camps, and a trauma-informed space. This is exactly the type of program I wish I had access to growing up.

I have learned the importance of prevention, empowerment and creating trauma-informed spaces for adolescents.

I have also volunteered at Home Life and am currently volunteering at SafeHaven Humane Society. I am currently a direct support professional at DSP Connections.

What do you think of your experience at OSU and the College of Health so far?

I have enjoyed my experience at OSU, and I have found supportive and impactful instructors in the human services field. Tasha Galardi and Lori McGraw in particular have been supportive and empathetic throughout my academic journey.

What are your post-college dreams?

My dream after college is to find a career that empowers youth and makes an impact.