Of all the things that influence a child's growth and development, the most critical is reliable, responsive, and sensitive parenting. Effective parenting education programs have been linked with decreased rates of child abuse and neglect, better physical, cognitive and emotional development in children, and increased parental knowledge of child development and parenting skills.


Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative (OPEC) Hubs

The Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative is a multi-year initiative led by The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF), The Ford Family Foundation, and Oregon State University. Financial supporters include the Meyer Memorial Trust, The Collins Foundation and OCF Donor Advised Funds. Regional parenting education "hubs" work with community partners to deliver parenting education services while building stronger and more coordinated parenting education systems in their regions.

For a list of OPEC Hubs, we invite you to explore the OPEC Hubs web page and view the map that lists the areas they serve.


Oregon Parenting Education Week

Oregon Parenting Education Week (OPEW) is set aside each year to recognize the importance of parenting education for the health of children and families. In celebration of this event, the Hallie E. Ford Center for Healthy Children and Families and the Oregon Parenting Education Collaborative host an annual Oregon Parenting Educators Conference for professionals who work with families.

Additional conference details and other OPEW events can be found on the Oregon Parenting Educators Conference page.


Oregon Parenting Educator Professional Development

The Oregon Parenting Educator Professional Development initiative began in 2013 with the intent of creating a system of professional development for parenting educators in Oregon. This system will include a common set of core areas for parenting educators in a variety of early childhood sectors, a recognition system for parenting educators, and a one-stop virtual center for professional development opportunities. Also included in the system is a professional association that was created by Parenting Educators for Parenting Educators known as the Oregon Parenting Educators Network (OrPEN). This highly collaborative effort is led by Oregon State University with input from national, state, and local voices.

Learn more about the developing system and continuing education opportunities by visiting the Professional Development page.