Transforming Academia for Equity gets second round of funding

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Transforming Academia for Equity gets second round of funding

The College of Health has been selected for a second round of funding through the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Transforming Academia for Equity initiative!

This round of funding provides 12 months of support to begin implementing the Action Plan for Equity and Justice developed during the first round of RWJF funding. Associate Professors Jonathan Garcia and Kate MacTavish will continue as co-project directors and are joined by Jey Blodgett as project coordinator.

Key actions center an anti-racism and anti-oppression approach and seek to 1) nurture a culture of belonging where students, faculty and staff feel seen, heard, valued and recognized as mattering, and 2) advance equity-based curricula through critical reflection, solutions-based discussion and transformative action.

This project builds on the work of student activists who called on the College of Health to do this work. The action plan is the response and a roadmap for transforming academia for equity. The focus on equity-based curriculum, building meaningful relationships with high school teachers, and supporting the infrastructure for practicing joy aligns with college goals to create pipelines and excite students about the work we do in the COH.

Over this phase, the team will invite people to participate and provide a stipend to support their efforts. The Transforming Academia for Equity team is motivated and excited to lean into this work with every member of the College of Health.

The Guiding Team includes: