COVID Class Guidance and Policies

Faculty Staff Fitness

Updated: June 24, 2020

In order to re-open our fitness center for in-person classes during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our community has many requirements to follow.

Agreeing to participate in-person on campus means agreeing to align behavior with the Governor’s Executive Order to universities, the Oregon Health Authority’s guidance to universities, fitness facilities and pools, and also to OSU’s corresponding face covering and physical distancing polices.


A link to each is provided here for your review:


I have reviewed the guidance and policies and agree to:

  • Follow all safety, hand hygiene and cleaning directions by my instructor and those posted in the facility
  • Wear a face covering, even during exercise (except in the pool).
  • Wait to enter the room until approved by the instructor
  • Give my name to the instructor for attendance every class
  • Maintain physical distancing of a minimum of six (6) feet from all other persons by staying in the designated pre-measured square in my classroom or lane in the pool
  • Fill the room from the back to the front with my pre-measured, designated fitness space
  • Store personal belongings in a locker or in my pre-measured, designated fitness space in the fitness classroom
  • Bring my own mat, yoga blocks, or yoga strap when applicable. No mats will be provided in ANY classes.
  • Leave any used fitness equipment, such as dumbbells, in my workout area ready for disinfection
  • Only use equipment needed for class and not touch other equipment.


Unwillingness to follow these standards of practice, behaviors and directions will result in being dismissed from your registered class.

Refunds will follow our Refund Policy within the first two weeks of the term.

If following these standards and directions are difficult for you for any reason, you may take Online Faculty Staff Fitness classes.



Thank you for supporting the OSU community at this difficult time.