Internship Override Process

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Internship Override Process

Overrides will be sent to the CPHHS scheduler on Mondays. The scheduler will have them processed by the following Wednesday at 5 p.m..

It is best to send batches of overrides.

Week 7 of each term, before registration opens

  • Send names, course #, CRNs and ID numbers of the students who need overrides.
  • Coordinator will email the students letting them know an override request has been submitted.
  • Students need to wait until Wednesday after 5 p.m. before attempting to register.
  • If the student gets an error, the student can email the scheduler and must include course #, name, and ID along with the error they received.
  • The CPHHS scheduler will process the overrides, then send an email back to the coordinator that the override process is complete.

Week 8 through finals week of each term

  • Continue to send batches or stragglers as stated above.

Prerequisite and co-requisite

Internships that need a prerequisite and co-requisite:

  • Internship coordinators will ask student to share a screenshot to show the coordinator that they have already registered for that prereq for the next term.
  • The coordinator will send a message to the scheduler for both overrides.
  • The screenshot does not need to be shared with the CPHHS scheduler.
  • The CPHHS scheduler will respond back to the internship coordinator that the override is complete.
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March 7, 2022