Elevation Team

Elevation Team

Office of Academic & Faculty Affairs

College of Health

We are a college-level transdisciplinary team that is part of a strategic effort to refresh and “elevate” undergraduate curriculum in our college.

Each COH program is represented by an Elevation Team member by course designator (H, HDFS, KIN & NUTR). If you are interested in contributing to curriculum development or have Core Ed questions that are program specific, please reach out!

Key responsibilities include

  • Coordination with faculty to both identify existing courses and conceptualize new gateway offerings intended for the university’s new Core Education curriculum (2025 launch).
  • Foster the development of “gateway” courses to enhance our lower-division course offerings with broad appeal and stimulating engagement to draw students to our programs.
  • Support and enhance teaching practices across our college, in partnership with OSU’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Multiple team members hold CTL Fellowships for this academic year and will be collaborating to offer a variety of professional development opportunities related to high quality teaching practices.
  • Establish a more robust COH presence in the Honors College with the long-term goal of offering the necessary coursework for COH students to earn jointly awarded Honors College and COH degrees.

Who we are

Core Ed

Below you can find links with detailed information about Core Ed, our team’s work to prepare for the 2025 launch of the new Core Ed curriculum, and faculty involvement in the process.

Fall '23 report

COH Elevation Team College-wide Fall 23 Report (pdf)

Guidance & Expectations

COH Core Ed Guidance & CADI Expectations

University-level Core Ed information

Gateway course activities

Some of the lower-level Core Ed courses that will be proposed may be good gateway courses, but we are still exploring opportunities.

Let us know if you have an idea for a course concept you are passionate about and that would be creative.

COH CTL fellow activities

The CTL Fellows Program partners with colleges to be catalysts for positive change, elevating our teaching faculty and providing them pedagogical resources.

Honors College engagement activities

The Honors College gives you the opportunity to teach a different kind of class – small, full of highly-motivated students who are intrigued by holistic approaches to problem solving.

Consider using the honors colloquia (1 or 2 credit seminar class) to try our a new course idea.