Jaime W. Peterson
Veronica I. Carrasco
Nelda Reyes
Julia Zavala
Alejandro Robles
Doris Valenzuela-Araujo
Ellen Stevenson
Katharine Zuckerman
Organizational Affiliation(s): 
Oregon Health & Science University
Publication Date: 
October, 2021

Children who enter school ready are more likely to succeed academically and be healthy. School Readiness (SR) is a particular problem for Latino families who are known to value their children’s education and see it as an avenue to escape poverty, but many feel unprepared to promote cognitive and language components of SR. Primary care has the potential to offer strong SR support to Latino families but while a range of SR interventions might address known SR barriers the evidence of usability, acceptability, and effectiveness of these interventions has not incorporated the Latino parent voice.

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Veronica Ilene Carrasco
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